Friday, 27 November 2009


Tonight I'm meeting one of my best friends . . . and it's the first night we're actually going out and getting drunk together since uni. I am really excited.

We first met back in 1997 when we both started our Marketing & Communication course and she was the first person I felt like I bonded with. I had lost touch with my schoolfriends over the summer and therefore basically had no friends - she quickly took me under her wing and for the next few months I ended up over at her local pub most weekends, which was most eye-opening for me, the girl who had only ever been to a pub once or twice before in my life (I was fairly sheltered as a teenager and, as I looked young for my age even back then, I got ID'd everywhere I went, meaning I couldn't really get INTO pubs, even though all my friends could.) I remember the first night I went out and ended up back at her flat, a bunch of us ended up sleeping in the living room on the floor, covered in quilts. Not the most comfortable of nights. I woke up in the early hours of the morning and someone was running their feet up and down my legs. I didn't move, assuming the guy next to me just had cold feet. I just continued to be asleep and eventually it stopped.

When I mentioned it the next day though, the other girls laughed at my naivety. "He was trying it on" they told me. I hadn't even realised. Even I had to laugh at my utter innocence - and also my lucky escape.

We have remained friends even after uni, although I can probably count on both hands with some fingers to spare the amount of times we've managed to meet up since 2001, since she's all domesticated and has three boys now (the boys who think Barney is my ex!) and I . . . well, I don't. I love the fact though that no matter how long it is between us meeting up, we always have tons to talk about.

And tonight is going to be great as we can both get drunk, let our hair down a bit, have a great gossip . . . and I can hopefully enjoy some yummy haggis nachos in Brodie's. Mmmmmmm.

So what's everyone else up to this weekend? Nice plans afoot?


  1. I love that. I'm meeting one of my best friends from uni next week. She graduated a year before me, so we don't go as far back as you two, but it's always lovely to catch up - she was there for ALL the major events of my first couple of years at St Andrews.

  2. That sounds fun.:) old closest friends are the best, mine are spread in different cities and countries but when we meet up, it's just like time never passes :) have a great weekend!


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