Wednesday, 4 November 2009

"ON FIRE . . ."

The other day, when I was telling my friend about the weekend's activities, she told me I appeared to be on fire at the moment.

It's weird I suppose. In a lot of ways, I've got a lot more attention just in time since The Guy vanished out of my life than any other time.

First the second (far more random) guy from high school asking me out on Facebook.

The 23 year old the weekend before last.

And then of course, there is the hot guy from the party. Who seemed keen. Who essentially asked me out the other night and said he'd get back to me to arrange it.

So why hasn't he???

I have to admit every paranoid muscle in my body (and there are LOTS) are already kicking into motion as I wonder why I've been waiting nearly 48 hours for a follow-up text. How much of me is having to resist contacting HIM . . . because if I'd went against my instincts with The Guy, it probably would have ended far sooner and not been dragged out the way it was.

I'm sure as heck not starting something off doing all the running. The ball has been placed in his court, by HIM, and he isn't serving.

If this was Wimbledon, he'd probably have had a fine or something by now.

Game, set and match to moi...


  1. Keep waiting :) In the meantime, don't be in a rush to put the fire out - go set the town alight again!

    (at least, that's what I would do ... )

  2. Agree with what Jack said. Don't contact him first, never let a guy you like think you're the one who needs him or too available.

    But please, go out again and use those fire lol have fun!:)

  3. chill down there fire starter!
    He will contact you, let him go at his phase now since you threw the ball to him first.
    And yes in the meantime, dont put out the fire but keep going out have fun and let other guys flirt wildly with you.

  4. Right on, dude. Don't contact him first. As my mother always tells me: "If a guy really likes you, nothing will stop him. He'll just show up at your door, bearing bagels." (Yes, apparently my mom was such a hottie in her day that men spontaneously presented her with breakfast goods. Which is pretty much the sweetest gig ever.)

  5. Agreed with all above. If he wants you, he'll contact you. If not, his loss. You aren't gonna be chasing him around!

  6. Damn now i've got 'hot stuff' stuck in my head.
    You really won't have to do any chasing with this one- i think he's trying not to look overly eager, that's all :-) x x x

  7. let him come to you, it'll make him even more keener if he realises you're not going to be the chaser. In the meantime like everyone else says go out and have fun. He'll contact you, he's probably just trying to play it cool

  8. Stop questioning it and just have fun with it ;)

  9. Somehow i have missed almost a week of your posts - and in that time you've certainly gotten yourself on quite a roll! I say, as hard as it is, resist texting the cute guy until he makes the first move. And if he doesnt, i'm sure someone else will stumble into your lap....literally ;)

  10. Maybe he's just shy? I'd still leave it up to him to contact you though. You don't want to seem overly anxious. Plus men seem to like a chase so go out and have fun in the meantime. Don't be available. Then he'll wonder what you are doing.


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