Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I'm trying to play it cool here. Tell myself I'm not too bothered if he gets in touch or not, tell myself it's fine really . . . after all, I'm not really looking for a relationship right now, kinda want to be single and not have to answer to anyone.

(In some ways, I even kind of mean it. The timing isn't entirely convenient for me when I'm barely over the guy.)

Yet when I don't hear from this new one for almost three days, I worry that I won't hear from him again.

(Despite the fact he text me on Sunday night to talk about the "X Factor" result, just because he knew I watch it.)

(Also despite the fact I've been reliably informed that when two people go on a date or two, they don't always contact each other constantly. I'm just used to that from past experience unfortunately...)

And then tonight, while making (not particularly successful) chocolate chip cookies, he sends me a text asking how I am.

Which I don't notice for nearly two hours. Therefore playing hard-to-get entirely by accident - as if I HAD noticed the message straight off I'd have been trying desperately to restrain myself from replying and probably failing.

So I reply, nice casual, somewhat witty comeback to his text.

And nothing.

Now I'm wondering if I played the whole thing too cool.

Being inside my head hurts sometimes . . .


  1. this is why I hate dating. I shall be avoiding it.

  2. It's our perogative to think too much while telling ourselves not to think too much so I'm not going to tell you to not overthink it cause you're going to think about it anyways.

    Eat some cookies, have a bath, and set down the cell phone!

  3. Girl I am right there with you. i drive myself completely nutso with these types of thoughts. I went out on a fourth date with a guy on sunday, and didn't hear from him until last night. UGHHH it drives me crazy. I will literally check phone a zillion times a day, and make sure its working, and see if hes been on facebook. Im crazy though...

  4. I'm with you on this one. I am a thinker. Maybe he was making cookies too and didn't notice your text back? I doubt it.

  5. I understand - you just want the option of being wanted.

  6. You poor thing. Your blog brought back memories for me. Don't worry, you'll hear from him. Keep us posted...good luck.

  7. I'm sorry I'm sure he'll contact you again if he likes you. He's testing the water to see if he can move forward or not, I say don't play too much games if you do like the guy. I know how some guys are just stepping back if they don't sense any response, and they're never good at receiving hints, you know?:)

  8. maybe he's sat there thinking the exact same thoughts as you. Men can be just as much thinkers as women when it comes to dating

  9. Solution... distract yourself by lusting after someone else :-)

    Prick better have replied by now, ruggedly cute or not - there's no excuse for being twattish.


  10. psssst... has he been in touch? I hate the whole playing it cool sometimes you feel like you are playing it too cool dont you? xx


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