Saturday, 28 November 2009


My plans for last night fell through at the last minute and I missed out catching up with my friend and my haggis nachos sadly. :( But when one door closes another one opens and I made last minute plans to go out with one of my colleagues "for a few".

Which predictably became two large glasses of rose in The Lab in town, a trip to her flat for a shared bottle of Asti, then finishing the night off in Tennants in the west end with her brother and his friend and a lot more rose. Cut to after midnight and we were wandering about Byres Road trying to find somewhere else to go. Eventually I gave up and wandered home - judging by the text I sent my friend to tell her I was home safe, this must have been after one am.

Man, did I feel rough earlier. I vomited, which made me feel a bit better. But still not feeling entirely my best. Have managed to eat something and, more importantly, keep it down though. Yay!!! My sister is coming over tonight for pizza, wine, some DVDs and the X-Factor, so it's important I'm able to drink by then! I also have a hankering for chocolate fondue so mucho chocolate is going to be bought. Yum!

Anyway, I really should get out of bed as yesterday's mascara has flaked off over my face and my hair looks like it's been dragged through a hedge backwards.

And I wonder why I'm single . . .


  1. Hangovers are the worst and make you question Ever Drinking Again, until of course someone hands you a glass of delicious wine ;)

    Have some greasy food and a nap and you're sure to feel better.

  2. Aww honey hope you felt better after all that and had fun last night! :) xXx


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