Saturday, 21 November 2009


I've worn contact lenses since I was thirteen yet, weirdly, I haven't tried coloured contact lenses before. Which is a bit weird since I've always wanted to see what I look like with a different eye colour and you'd think I'd have taken advantage of the fact I willingly will stick plastic discs in my eyes to try this out.

But somehow I never got around to it. Until this week.

I ordered grey contacts and brown contacts off a website and they arrived last night. So this morning I decided to give the grey ones a try . . .

Seriously? I couldn't see a difference myself. The website does state that the eye colour you end up with can vary based on what colour your eyes are originally. As my eyes are naturally a fairly dark shade of green, I knew that this was a possibility. That being said, my normal contacts have a blue visibility tint on them and if I only have one in (which I do often) you can definitely see a difference in the colour of both my eyes.

My friend said with the grey contacts in my eyes looked greener. I didn't see a difference at all, except that they looked a bit fake - I looked like I had dolly eyes.

So I took a picture on my phone to see. And they look a COMPLETELY different colour in the picture from the way I see them when I look in the mirror. See for yourself . . .

(I look like I have a bit of a squint here, but it's more to do with the flash than anything else, I think...)

See what I mean about the doll eyes??? But they look a completely different colour from the colour I see.

Kinda makes me think about my hair colour. I'm a lot blonder in pictures than I think I am in real life. I guess cos it isn't my natural colour. Does anyone else get that?

I don't think I suit eyes this colour - the colour in the photo anyway. I'll be interested to see how the brown ones turn out. I'm thinking of getting REALLY blue ones to see what they're like though. Now I have tried coloured contacts, I'd kinda like to experiment. I have a feeling that I'm going to realise my natural eye colour suits me best though.

Do YOU all like your natural eye colour? Have you always thought you might suit a different colour better? Have you tried colour contacts? Feel free to share! :)


  1. I used to have aqua contacts. I loved them. Unfortunately, I got a terrible eye infection and couldn't wear contacts again. It sucked.

    I opted for laser eye surgery after that. Now that was friggin amazing. I never seen such a wonderful miracle.

    Your eyes looked great by the way.

  2. i have blue eyes and plan to keep it that way! My friend tried blue contacts and it looks great. Def. give them a try!

  3. I always, always wanted deep blueish-sapphire colored eyes. There's just something drop dead gorgeous about blue eyes and dark hair... but then again, the rest of my family all has blue eyes & dark hair- I'm the only olive green (which everyone claims is hazel or brown and it's not!!) eyed one out of the lot!

  4. They look very blue!
    I have really dark brown eyes but would like to try out green or really blue but I'm too scared to put contacts in my eyes!

  5. I have clear and bright blue eyes, but had a go with some 'fashion' lenses a few years back. A very vivid bright blue they were indeed and people thought I was on crack. More so when I only wore one at a time ... he he.

  6. Your eyes look gorgeous in that photo!

    When I first got contacts, one of my inspirations for getting them in the first place was so I could get green contacts. They looked okay in my dark brown eyes -- sort of made them hazel. But I grew disenchanted with them pretty quickly (plus back in the day they didn't have great colored contacts for accommodating unusually shaped corneas, I guess? so they weren't super comfortable).

  7. I wore colored contacts when I was in high school and a bit into college. I have brown eyes, so most of them didn't work well on me. I had some Aqua ones that were pretty cool. The very blue ones just made me look like an alien.

  8. I think they look nice on you! I have brown eyes that ocassionally get green, and in high school I wanted purple eyes but the contacts messed up my eyes big time! Boo! Can't wear them anymore!

  9. Very nice, but very strange... it's like if I try to imagine you with dark brown hair like your sis... just seems a bit wrong lol :P


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