Friday, 20 November 2009


For months now - nay, YEARS - I have been trying unsuccessfully to diet.

I've never been good at dieting. I love my food waaayyyy too much. And unfortunately it ain't the healthy variety I love. It's chocolate. And crisps. And cheese - oooooh, cheese, how I love thee!!! Could you be my favourite??? :)

Dominos Veg-o-Roma pizza. With the garlic and herb dip, of course. And possibly a starter or two.

Mozzarella cubes from Di Maggios. Macaroni Cheese from the Sandwich Concept.

You get the drift.

On top of that, there is the fact that in the past year or so, I've started to drink way too much wine. It's really REALLY not good for me, and I know this. And I'm convinced this is the reason why my weight has shot up.

Now, I know I'm not fat. But I'm not comfortable in my own skin. I KNOW the weight I should be, and I know I've went beyond it and then some. And that if I don't do something about it soon, then I'm going to comfort eat to make myself feel better, end up feeling worse as I put MORE weight on, and it's going to be one big vicious cycle that gets harder and harder to escape from.

But I've been telling myself this for ages now, and doing precisely fuck all about it. Or starting a diet and lasting a day.

Funnily enough, it was the unexpected events of last weekend that finally gave me the impetus I needed. That guy telling me he couldn't see me again, after one date, was just the push I needed. Because I imagined the fact that, with my friend now living with his friend, there may be the chance I would have to see him again. Perhaps with the re-animated ex in tow. (Quelle horreur, right?)

And if I DO have to face him again, I WILL be looking my best.

So finally I had the motivation to get off my arse and DO something about my body and my health. I know that you're meant to do these things for YOURSELF and I can assure you that I AM. I haven't felt great about myself in a while. I want to get healthier, lose some weight, tone up, improve my skin, perk myself up a bit energy-wise. It's just that FINALLY I have something that has spurred me on. Which can only be a good thing.

So I'm now at day 5 without alcohol (the longest I've been without alcohol since January). I can't promise I won't have some this weekend, but I'm certainly not intending to go on a binge. I've had no chocolate, I've drank shitloads of green tea, tons of pineapple and apples, loads of fish and veg . . . I've cut down pretty significantly on the amount of carbs I'm having AND I've been exercising. Not excessive amounts because I have to build up gradually or I'll scare myself off, but when you add it to my usual four/five mile round trip walk to work and back everyday, I'm pretty sure it will make a bit of a difference.

So I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. For the moment, my willpower is staying on track . . . despite the fact that my Aunt Rose decided to pop along for her monthly visit on Tuesday night and was very demanding re: the need for chocolate. I may not have been a good hostess to her but, hey, I never actually ask her to come!

But anyway . . . the point of this whole post is:

1) Wish me luck with keeping this going.
2) I WILL be skinnier by Christmas. (Positive affirmation and all that)
3) Swine Guy was good for SOMETHING at least. (We'll ignore the other good things - cute, good kisser . . . and remember he's ultimately an ASSHAT.)

That's all.


  1. Yay! for you. Pineapple and fish sounds yummy. I like that you are concentrating on several smaller goals, i find that helps me stay motivated. so good luck!!!

  2. Good luck dearrr! Baby steps, okay?:D Enjoy things moderately from time to time and I'm sure everything will work out. You're already really pretty :)

  3. Good luck!! I'm on a weight loss thing too right now. Its definitely hard because I also loooooove food. You can do it!

  4. Good luck modifying your eating and exercise! I have faith it will make you feel wonderful.

    Also, reading your list of can't-pass-up foods at the top, was just curious: are you vegetarian (or pescatarian)? Or is it just a coincidence that all the ooey, gooiest omg-need-to-stuff-my-face foods just happen to be vegetarian? (After all, which is more tempting: steak or cheese? Total no-brainer.)

  5. huzzah, me too!! :D
    let's be our most fabulous selves for Feb?? yes yes

  6. My weight is all over the place too. I was once a skinny 11 stone (same height) and have peaked at a little under 15 stone. Tend to be around the 13s12lbs mark most of the time ... but good ways to lose weight in my books:

    1) home made soups - anything with parsnip in it will fill you up fast and taste epic.

    2) cereals - get something mega awesome like Crunchy Nut Clusters ... with chocolate flakes. Still less than 200 calories a bowl.

    3) coffee - amazingly, low calories and quenches hunger (when made yourself of course - I use Starbucks and semi-skimmed milk in a coffee press)

    4) walking - 20-30 mins walking every day is surprisingly effective.

    5) No sugary fizzy drinks - convert to fruity sugar free drinks, as they taste okay. Esp Diet Irn Bru (yum).

    6) Reward yourself one day a week :D

  7. I'm on the same kick! Started at the gym the other day, and have been trying to eat more healthily, though I'm living at home and it's not so easy when I don't buy the food. For example, my Dad came home with THREE DELICIOUS CHEESES just begging me to tuck in. I can't help it - I'm also a major cheese freak. I hadn't thought about the booze... I forget that it's not just beer that gives you a gut.
    We're in this together! Let's do it! Skinny by Christmas!

  8. oooooh, F that guy!
    you know, I was super anti-jenny craig b/c I am not fat and I thought no way could I lose weight on gross processed foods...I did it and lost 10 pounds in a month. because you don't have to think about ANYTHING, it's really easy and if you are single, cheaper than making food for the week. and once you do it for a month you can pretty much make your own food and be used to the portion size...seriously, I run, I don't overeat, and I couldn't lose weight until I tried it.

    damn, they should pay me.

  9. that sounds like you're doing all the right things!! My doenfalls are cheese (I have cheese on everything), bread, and alcohol that has far too much sugar in in (wine and cider). Since I started eating/drinking those my weight has shot up. This is exactly what i should be doing..pass me some of your motivataion please!!

  10. My contribution:

    vodka or gin with low calorie tonic or diet mixer!

    All the benefits of boozing, without the scary number of calories that normally lurk.

  11. Good for you! I also need to get into diet/exercising... The Boyfriend is into like 1000 different types of sports (boxing, tennis, handball, etc.) so he has a GREAT body.

  12. iasa - thanks! I hope by doing this I'll lose some weight too!

    andhari - oh thanks for the compliment! I need compliments right now to keep me going, lol. :)

    arielle - cheers!!! I love food waaayyyy too much so fingers crossed for both of us, eh??? :)

    notthatkindofgirl - I'm not actually a vegetarian - I just am not a massive meat eater and my favourite meals generally involve cheese. I couldn't give up meat though - i'm kinda partial to a good spag bol or some mince and tatties...

    pinkjellybaby - oh yes, let's do it! cannot WAIT until feb! bring it on...

    jack - i think my day of reward was today in that case...

    kirsty - oh cheese - i feel your pain. :(

    film girl - i'm not sure we get jenny craig in scotchland but i'll check it out for sure...

    miss h - I think i need to keep my motivation for myself; it's rare i find any!!! :)

    mich - trust you to give the alcohol related tips, haha!

    andy - don't you HATE these sickeningly healthy athletic types??? ;P

  13. Good luck staying motivated and keeping on track!

    The no alcohol thing is possible (I'm coming up on three months soon, but I was more of a binger than a consistent drinker), though it does mean you have to make sure nights out are entertaining in other ways.

  14. I drink gin and lemonade with cucumbers, so I can get a serving of veggies with my vice. It's a win-win situation, really.

  15. Oh my goodness - you already walk that far everyday? Sounds like you're in far better shape than a lot of people already.

    You're going to be awesome by Christmas and he's going to be like, "hm....I made a poor personal decision" if he sees you.

    Then you'll be like, "duh a-hole"


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