Friday, 13 November 2009


When I went on Facebook the other day, I was confronted with a friend request.

This was from a person I'd de-friended about six months ago on the same very site.

In fact, I'd de-friended him on Bebo too. He was someone I worked with years ago, a bit creepy to say the least, and every time I was on Bebo at the same time as him (it always comes up saying when you're online on that), I would get a private message. EVERY TIME. Despite the fact I would never reply. Eventually I removed him.

On Facebook, before I worked out how to appear online, he kept trying to chat to me. Eventually I de-friended him on that too. If you don't actually want to even TALK to someone, even from behind the safety of a computer screen, then that says something pretty important about whether you should be their friend even in the VIRTUAL world.

So a couple of months back I was at a friend's civil partnership ceremony and this dude appeared. "Dammit," I whispered to my sister. "I removed that guy as a friend online." He caught my eye, I awkwardly nodded at him, wondering if he'd noticed the fact I'd disappeared off his friend list. From the fact he didn't try to chat (thank God!) I assumed he had.

Until I saw this friend request.

Why didn't I block him when I had the chance? Now if I block him, he'll probably notice that I've completely vanished off the face of facebook. Does it matter on the grand scheme of things? Nah. Do I particularly care what he thinks? Certainly not. I'm just worried I may run into him again and have that scary awkwardness of not knowing if he knows that I blocked him/removed him/refused his request of Facebook friendship/insert any other possible option here.

For the moment, I'll just leave the friend request sitting there . . . waiting patiently for an answer.

For as long as it takes.


  1. Next time this guy ends up being someone you have to speak to, just say:

    "listen pal - you're a bit creepy. Any more of this lark, and I'll have a restraining order put on you ... just like the other twelve guys"

    It'll either make him run a mile, or make him so hot for you, that it'll kill him.

    Either way, job done!

  2. I'm with Jack. And if you get any hassle, don't worry! Jack will take care of it all for you. By now he should have a hammer in his car, after all... :P

    Alternatively, deny everything. Although telling him outright that he's a weirdo will make him fuck off away from you, which is the desired effect.

    Or you could always let me loose on him. Ah go on, you know you want to. It's been AGGGESS since I've alienated anyone! ;-)

  3. Just ignore him. If he ever asks why you didn't accept him, just tell him that you have cut down on the amount of people you have on your friends list for facebook. You don't need to explain yourself to him. Good Luck.

  4. I have the same problem, where people keep requesting me or I de friend them and they keep asking again.
    I mean get the point, I dont want you on my page. I also consider the blocking thing, but for now I just leave them hangin by not responding to the request.

  5. urgh I hate creeeeeepy people on FB! I un-added someone once and they have since re-requested me about 10 times?? GET THE HINT! lol! I hope for you there is no future incident where he can ask what happened! yikes! xx

  6. ooh creepy people are the worst especially when they are men. I worked with someone all of 10 yrs ago and he keeps finding me everywhere I go and trying to instant message me and saying we should be friends (this is after I ignore and block every single message). Someone people just won’t take the hint. You should be flattered (in a weird creepy way) :)

  7. Omg how creepy. I say just block the guy, doesn't matter how he feels. What kind of person is so clueless for hints like this?:D

  8. I agree. Just block him. If you are that creeped out by him its for a reason - trust your gut.


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