Sunday, 29 November 2009


I am waaayyy behind on my Christmas shopping this year.

Usually, I've bought the majority of my presents by now. This year . . . not so much.

A couple of things I've bought so far . . .

From amazon . . . a really cool Lolita martini glass . . .

A snug rug . . .
Another Lolita glass, this time a wine one. Pretty. :)

From Ollie & Nic, a pretty necklace . . .

Of course, I think I've kind of fallen into my usual pattern of buying things I want for MYSELF, rather than considering what the other people want. Oh dear.

Some other things I'm planning to buy . .

A USB Negative Scanner for my dad - the link is for the firebox site but I'm pretty sure I can get it cheaper elsewhere.
A chocolate fondue gift set for one of my friends.
I love the idea of these cocktails in a pouch but they seem pretty expensive for what they are.

And I'd kinda like this for myself . . . Slush puppy, anyone??

Anyone else had any good ideas for Christmas presents? If you've seen anything that looks interesting, that might help give me some inspiration, please feel free to give me some links... Pretty jewelery, strange gadgets, books that would make good gifts . . . come on people!!! Throw me a bone here . . . ;)


  1. Ohhhh don't... the closest I've come to starting my Xmas shopping is picking up a Superdrug catalogue last week lol

    I have no idea what anyone is getting, not a clue at all... eeeek :s


  2. I am so bad at Christmas shopping! I never know what to get people and I don't have any money! Bad times! However my housemate showed me a pretty cool website for gadgets etc:

    Plenty of inspiration there!

    Oh, and one my friends (and fellow bloggers) -
    has already brought all her Christmas presents! I can't believe how organised she is! They are pretty much all from online Fairtrade shops like:



    For your more funky friends :) LOVE their jewelery. And it's cheap :)


  4. I'm in the same boat. The only person I actually know what to get is my dad and now I want to get him the negative converter. Gah!

  5. Those glasses are divine. You're an excellent present giver :)

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