Friday, 16 October 2009


  • I really REALLY want to go to London in December with work and I have a feeling I'm not going to get to go. I'd LOVE to go down, and I'd really love to down for longer, but I have never got to go in the winter, and certainly never got to go for a full week so I guess it probably isn't on the cards. Shame though, cos I actually enjoy the work we have to do down there, while other people complain about it, and I could really use with escaping from Glasgow for a bit. I'll keep my fingers crossed but I'm really not holding out much hope. Again. :(
  • Halloween. Okay, so one of my flatmates is moving out (the second to move in with her boyfriend in less than a month - boo. That makes me sad. I'm being abandoned.) and having a flatwarming party on the 31st. Of course this has turned into a fancy dress party. Now, I don't DO fancy dress. Mich will tell you this. I have a fairy wand, so I take that to fancy dress parties dressed in my normal clothes and pretend I'm an undercover fairy. So... I need ideas. I need a fancy dress outfit that is pretty, and not too complicated, and that I won't feel like an idiot in. The logical decision was to go as a PROPER fairy for once but one of my other friends has put the skids on that one by saying she is going as a fairy. But .. . . something along those lines. Basically not something I'm going to feel unbelievably self-conscious in. Help???
  • I did something a bit immature the other night . . . but in my defence, the guy started it by putting a status update on his facebook that he must have known I would see. And must have known it would wind me up. It angered me so much that I ranted about it to my flatmate, said there was no way I would comment on it . . . then OTHER PEOPLE commented on it, and then HE commented on it and then I couldn't resist. Basically, the general gist was that he was talking about the film "What Women Want" and how he knew what women wanted, he just wasn't interested in providing it. That wound me up, because if he'd put that status update up three months ago, I wouldn't have bothered waiting around for him. Anyway, in response to one of the comments on it, he said something about how it would be great to know what women thought, especially in bed. My response to that? "Not necessarily..." I don't think he quite knew what to think about that one...


  1. Go as the paper bag princess (google it) with a couple smears of dirt. It would be cute.

    And maturity be damned, he deserved it.

  2. Ooh, fancy dress! I once went as one of the spice girls- Gerri? Ginger? Whatever, it was easy!

  3. Go as a naughty librarian with a pencil skirt and low cut blouse and fake glasses and a ruler and books or something. Or you could wear a cute little toga contraption and gladiator sandals and be greek/roman whatever that is.

  4. I was also going to say Greek or Roman Goddess! Watch that episode of Charmed to get an idea of the white dresses / togas. You could be the Goddess of Love or War or... really, just about anything.

    You would totally suit it, especially if you could get a gold arm band thingy... you know what I mean!

    Ooh or little Red Riding Hood!


    And PS what a fucking PRICK he is. He was totally asking for it with that comment, and good on you for refusing to sit back and say nothing.
    Fucking arsehole.

  5. I say wear a cute little pink cocktail dress, curl your hair, take your wand and a bottle of bubbles - and say your Glinda the Good Witch from " The Wizard Of Oz ".
    She's back - and modernized - in " Wicked! " and the party dress and being able to blow bubbles all night would be cute....

  6. Why don't you...put on a "natural" night dress, get some nice make up and go as a nymph? I know they're like fairies but they're different, lol.I attach a picture:

  7. a simple white dress would go great with the wand.

    Btw, don't worry about the guy. I would've not resist too.

  8. Well, you COULD have put something like "Well, being unpredictable in bed is most of the time great" and it would've been worse.


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