Saturday, 31 October 2009


It's Saturday afternoon and I think there is the slightest possibility I'm still drunk from last night.

A "couple of drinks after work" last night turned, inevitably, into a "million drinks before virtually getting forced out of the door by bar staff at closing time". Oops. I then had to wait approximately half an hour for a taxi (luckily we'd ran into the 23 year old and his friend so they waited with me since the people I was with from work were heading in the opposite direction) before getting home and passing out face down horizontally across my bed still with my coat and (wet) shoes on. I woke up at six am and had to get up, take out my contact lenses, brush my teeth and change into my jammies before I could return to my bed comfortably.

I've only been up since about eleven but I feel exhausted. I've made a big batch of tablet for the flatwarming/Halloween party I'm going to tonight, I'm about to make some spag bol (which will probably do me for a week of dinners) and then I have to start getting my costume prepared. I decided to go as a devil, which should be fun - I have the horns, fork, tail and a slightly mental red and black tutu so just need to sort out the rest. Fancy dress REALLY isn't my forte though - this is the most I've dressed up since I was a kid!

Possibly pictures will be posted tomorrow. I can't promise anything though.

What are YOU all dressing up as? (Maybe it will give me an idea for next year - then I'll have a YEAR to plan it...)


  1. Sometimes I wish I lived in the kind of area that had lots of Halloween parties (instead of rural Pennsylvania). I don't have a good reason to get dressed up.

    So I'll live vicariously through you- don't do anything I wouldn't do, then. Like sleep with a dude.

  2. I was Snow White, honey :-) Although you'd be a fantastic Little Red Riding Hood ;-)

    A devil sounds very hot though, I'm sure you turned a few heads last night in that outfit!


  3. You returned to bed comfortably? JEALOUSY. I also did something like that, but I had to wake up, help a friend make her suitcase, study and do hw, take her to the train station, study, make lunch/dinner, get ready for another night out.


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