Tuesday, 13 October 2009


At the moment, I'm feeling a tad uninspired. I have a lot going on in my head right now and at the moment, it's such a mess of tangled up thoughts that I'm best off just not trying to put them on paper (screen, I suppose, as opposed to paper, ha!). Once again, if anyone has any suggestions for potential post ideas, please let me know. I always come up with ideas then forget to write them down. Then they go out of my head completely. And I never learn my lesson. So please . . . if you have any ideas . . . I would be very grateful!!! ;)

Although I will shortly be posting my haul from my recent birthday in pictures. I just haven't quite got around to it yet. But you have that to "look forward to"!

In the meantime, since it is now officially Tuesday in my timezone . . . it's "Cheer Me Up Tuesday" time, dudes. So what's tickling my funny bone this week???

The main thing has to be this site - Not Always Right. It is a MUST for anyone who does, or has ever, worked in customer service. We all have a story of a time a customer said or did something stupid - and this is where people share theirs. It has given me soooo many laughs. I think this one though has to be my favourite so far...

Or how about the silly things people put on accident report forms. That rarely fails to make me smile.

Enjoy . . . and remember any suggestions will be gratefully accepted... ;)


  1. Ha ha, thank you for cheering me up on a very quiet Tuesday at work. That 'Not always right' site is brilliant!

    I work for a wine company and recently we had a customer call up to say he would be cancelling his membership as a white wine we sent him was off and the worst thing he had every tasted and not up to our usual standard etc...after one of the wine advisors managed to calm him down and get the description of the bottle it turned out he had drunk the olive oil that was sent as a gift..wtf?! How on earth did he not notice!

    People can be very very dense sometimes :)

  2. I wish I could help you with topics but I go through the same thing all the time! I think of ideas and never remember them either! We are 2 alike! :)

  3. ahhhh brilliant!

    Just what I needed... I'm torn between my favourite funnies on that site lol

    Whatever happened to the post you were meant to do after that conversation we had, 'there's an app' for that... I believe it involved some sort of radar ? ;-)

    We elaborated quite a bit on it lol


  4. I do the same thing, think of posts and never write them down and then forget them.

  5. I lost inspiration months ago...

  6. I also have a lack of inspiration, since all that's happening in my life is...
    1. Coldness.
    2. School.
    3. Boy drama I'm avoiding to talk about.


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