Friday, 2 October 2009


Yesterday (and today, but that's unrelated) I had the day off. So I decided I was going to do what I'd been planning for a while... and have a "Lord of the Rings" marathon.

I bought the trilogy a couple of weeks back off amazon when I was drunk, was watching a TV programme about the 100 sexiest TV characters or something like that, and saw Aragorn and Legolas mentioned. Which, rather than turn me on, just made me think "Oooh, I haven't seen those films in ages!" So I immediately purchased them.

And therefore my plan evolved from there.

Of course, I didn't take into consideration one thing . . . the LENGTH of those bloody films.

Deciding to start the marathon at around 2pm was my first major rookie error. Considering the first film is ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE MINUTES LONG!

Secondly, the dvd was busted and kept freezing, which necessitated me having to reload the whole thing and then find the point where I'd left off.

Which was kind of hard as I kept getting distracted by Facebook and therefore wasn't paying enough ATTENTION to know what point I'd left off at.

I FINALLY (at half past six!) reached the end of the first time, peeled the cellophane off the second film, popped it in the dvd player . . . and then took it straight back out and replaced it with "The Inbetweeners".

I physically couldn't sit through anymore of it.

I guess I'm not as much of a geek as I thought. Oh well...


  1. Good call, i have done the three extended editions in one sitting and then nearly died

  2. Couldn't do all three in a day - done them in 3 evenings though and that was bearable :) I could probably do the equivalent of time needed to watch LOTR x 3 watching Lost or Star Trek, though. More breaks without loosing the plot, I guess ;)

  3. Oh dang, dude, props to you for making it through the entirety of any movie on a skipping DVD player -- that would activate my OCD in about a minute flat.

    I made it through about twenty minutes of one of the movies once, to appease a dear friend in undergrad. Then I demanded we switch to old "Jeeves & Wooster" episodes. I'm a total nerd, but for some reason, LOTR just doesn't scratch my sci-fi/fantasy itch!

  4. Ahahahahah! Silly willy :P yeah...the same happened to me once, except that I wasn't drunk and I wasn't doing it for sexual purposes...and I ended up bored as hell...I guess you just have to see them on different days...and having breaks, just like at the movies! (aye, it's so long it had an interval at the cinema, I remember)

  5. Oh, I could never do all three in one sitting.

  6. Hey, kudos for trying!

    I tried sitting through the Star Wars trilogy and lost interest halfway through the 2nd film... or 5th, as it were...

  7. I have a friend that went to see the trilogy in a movie theatre when they released the 3rd one. He said people dressed up as trees.

    Although I love the movies, 3 in a row would drive me nuts. Plus, it has to be the right movie conditions - rainy, chilly day, phone unplugged and comfy couch.

  8. I enjoyed the books but could barely get through one movie.

  9. I have to do one of these as soon as I get back to El Salvador. I know they're long and all but I'm a geek and Aragorn is the hottest thing ever. EVER. I'd do him. ;)

  10. Hey P...I finally published my, I need ur mail address to send u your prize :)

  11. Ive never seen the movie, and Im sure I would be just like you and never be able to sit through it all. But nice atempt! :)

  12. Try one per day! Three at once will murder anybody and you won't be able to appreciate it. The movies are really great LOL


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