Monday, 7 September 2009


There are times in life when one doesn't mind having sore thigh muscles. You know, if you've worn them out "having fun", for example.

Yes, I'm using "having fun" as a euphemism for sex. You're fast. ;)

However, if you don't have the lovely memory of that, then you're left with sore thighs and bugger all else. Not so nice.

Moral of the story? If, once upon a time, you managed to severely hurt your thighs by trying to recreate a move* from Madonna's "Hung Up" video (and failed dismally) to the extent that you were in pain for three days afterwards . . . do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, try the same move again. EVER!!!

I don't know WHY I decided it would be a good idea to try this out again in my friend's flat on Saturday night, it was just one of those stupid drunken notions I guess. But now I can barely walk, certainly can't navigate stairs without wincing constantly with the agony of it all . . . at the risk of going a bit T.M.I. on your ass, even trying to lower myself onto the toilet seat is more than a little painful. (It's funny the things you take for granted until they hurt so much, eh?)

Plus it's a little embarrassing that people automatically assume you must have been involved in the 10K or half marathons the day before and THAT'S why you're sore. Trying to explain "No, actually I'm just an idiot who can't dance" caused a bit of a red face more than once today.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should just have lied . . .

* If you want to know the move I'm referring to, go here - it's around about 4:45 into the song . . .


  1. You are absoloutely hilarious, definitely clicking the "follow" button.

    I can't say I've ever achieved this though, being a guy I haven't really attempted to imitate Madonna. Maybe in another lifetime ;).

  2. This post is why I wear flats to go out dancing on that rare occasion. My friends make fun of me, but better than than I wind up falling on my behind!

  3. You totally should have lied!!!

  4. That reminds me, I need to work these thighs out a good way...hahaha!

  5. For minute there i was all geared up to congratulate on " having fun "....

    Nonetheless, congrats on being drunk enough to WANT to recreat the " Hung Up " video - your brave lady. And why didnt you lie ?

    " Oh, yea, that half marathon is a killer. But its all worth it after so much training .... " Fake smile. Leave.

  6. haha I'm with Amy... fake it and leave! :P

    And if any smartass says they couldn't find your name on the list of participants... just lower your voice and say that you have to use an alias sometimes... mutter 'restraining order' then say 'I'm sorry, I can't talk about this' and then leave. hehehe

  7. Ouch, I bet it was a great move though!!

  8. Oh man... you still burned some calories, though! ;-)

  9. This would be why I will never ever again do a cartwheel.

  10. Hahahaha well, in Latin America, in order to be considered a "good dancer", you do those moves in 3" heels.


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