Friday, 25 September 2009


I was talking to my flatmates the other night (as well as discussing which celebrities we'd like to bone) about who we've been told we look like, celebrity-wise. I've been told I look like TONS of celebrities. None of whom look remotely the same. And I have never particularly thought i resemble ANY of them...

So then we got to discussing those "celebrity look-a-like" websites you can upload a picture into online and have it tell you who you allegedly look the most like. I've done a lot of these in my time - I'm bored and online A LOT - and I was telling them I found it weird how many black, Latino or Eastern-European celebrities I tend to be compared to seeing that I'm pretty much 100% Scottish.

So since it's Friday night and I'm procrastinating rather than doing a project I need to have done for tomorrow (in theory, it's actually a FUN project but the minute I decide I HAVE to do something, it suddenly becomes "not fun" anymore), I decided to do a little experiment.

I've chosen three pictures of myself, fed them into the My Heritage celebrity collage generator, and saw what celebrities are paired up with me in terms of highest percentage of facial recognition. Fun, right?

So let's delay no longer. Bring on picture numero uno . . .

1. Elisha Cuthbert
2. Krisdayanti
3. Eva Longoria
4. Anne Hathaway
5. Tata Young
6. Cheryl Tweedy
7. Carol Vorderman
8. Amanda Seyfried
9. Aya Matsuura
10. Sharon Stone

First of all, who is Krisdayanti when she's at home??? (Okay, I've looked it up and I THINK she's some sort of singer?)

Secondly, I REALLY don't like Elisha Cuthbert so being told I look like her? Not a compliment.

Carol Vorderman is like OLD. Although she CAN do incredible maths in her head (my mental arithmetic sucks ass) AND looks better in a bikini than I do. Oh well...

Okay, let's see what happens when I upload picture number two . . .

1. Renee Zellweger

2. Vanessa Marcil
3. Rachael Leigh Cook
4. Natalie Imbruglia
5. Kate Hudson
6. Famke Janssen
7. Adriana Karembeu
8. Stacy Ferguson (Fergie)
9. Ali Landry
10. Jennifer Lopez

Once again, number one on the list is not someone I would want to be compared to. Lovely.

Secondly, here is an oddly weird fact. I have this joke about how me and Rachael Leigh Cook are twins separated at birth as we were both born on the 4th October 1979. The fact that, according to this we are an 83% match in terms of facial recognition . . . should I be heading to the States to claim we've been separated at birth and perhaps claim some money off her???

Okay, last but not least, step up picture number three . . .

1. Jenna Elfman

2. Liz Hurley
3. Scarlett Johanssen (grrr)
4. Rachael Leigh Cook (again!!!)
5. Krista Allen
6. Lacey Chabert
7. Beyonce
8. Anna Paquin
9. Tata Young
10. Paz Vega

Okay, the twin theory is increasing with me and Rachael. I have another repeat offender in the case of Tata Young. I haven't even looked up who she is, but I love the fact her name is "Tata". I wonder if it's her real name.

So what do you think? Can you see ANY resemblance??? And how can I look 83% like Rachael Leigh Cook, Kate Hudson, Natalie Imbruglia AND Famke Janseen . . . WHEN NONE OF THEM LOOK REMOTELY LIKE ONE ANOTHER!!!

And can you imagine if one of THEM put their picture into the generator and somehow came out with ME as a match? I'd be fuming if I was them. Hahaha.

Who have YOU been told you look like? Or, if you've ever tried this little "game" yourself, what results did you get? I'd love to know... ;)


  1. Yikes, no sun until April? I guess you do have it worse off than me!

    Everyone tells me I look like Amy Poehler. She's funny and fairly cute so I take it as a compliment. But those generator things always say I look like Adriana Karembeu, Kate Hudson and Rachel Bilson. So we've got some of the same. :) Basically I think we are hot chics. Haha!

  2. ONCE I got sunburnt in March. BUT it was a a fluke! We didn't have much of a summer tbis year, sadly. :(

    Funnily enough, I've had Rachel Bilson in those generator things in the past too!!!

  3. People can never figure out what celebrity I look like, but according to the My Heritage site, they've decided on:

    Tara Reid
    Rachel Stevens
    Katherine Heigl
    Meg Ryan
    Stacy Ferguson
    Nicole Richie

    for one photo. For another:

    Mariah Carey
    Rachel Stevens (again)
    Kelly Rippa (who?)
    Valeria Mazza (again, who?!)
    Pamela Anderson ...

    OK! I think I just look like me! :s

  4. Ahhh I don't particularly care for those generator thingies. Yes, they can give hilarious (or spooky) results but... nah, just don't appeal to me for some reason.

    Maybe because I know I have a doppelganger out there already (one who pretty much fooled my own parents!).

  5. I've been told I look like Scott Mills. On another day, I looked like Grant Nicholas. I prefer to think I look a little more like me.

    Good effort though - always different putting a face to a blogger!

  6. I have never heard of such sites, I am going to have to check it out!

    I do think it is funny that Eva Longoria popped up! You are clearly a beautiful blue eyed young lady and she is quite the opposite,how funny.

    I kind of thought you reminded me of Melissa Joan Hart and she wasn't on the list, although she hasn't done much lately, so maybe she has lost her celebrity status!

  7. Girlie, you just made me die laughing.

    Especially since it said Krisdayanti? WTF? It's like the really popular singer over here, totally Indonesian and she looks NOTHING like you lol

    and what's with all the hype about Tata Young? HAHAHAHA She's this Asian singer too, prolly Thailand. I think somehow deep inside you're part Asian :P

  8. I got 85% Jessica Alba as my top match so I was chuffed as you can imagine!

    I also got Gisele! :D

    My boyfriend had Anne Frank in his top 10. haha. x

  9. Well.
    My top match was Christina Ricci... not too pleased.

    Also got Rene Russo..

    Lisa Snowdon, which makes absolutely no sense.

    Rachel Bilson I'm happy about, she is stunning

    Sarah Michelle Gellar. Been told that a few times, not too bad

    And then it happened.

    My celebrity crush, the man I dream about (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), is the 5th person. Brilliant.

  10. one: you are adorable. two: i don't see any of those resemblences! maybe they are more apparent in person?

  11. Elle - and a lovely "me" you are too!!! ;)

    Mich - apparently if you see your double you die! So watch out... :)

    Jack - Scott Mills. Hmmm... not sure whether that's a compliment or not, lol.

    Lucy - in terms of degrees of fame, I don't know who LOADS of the people mentioned are. But I DO know who Melissa Joan Hart is, so really she SHOULD be on there somewhere...

    Andhari - yup, perhaps I AM part asian. It must be several hundred generations back though....

    Victoria - Jessica Alba AND Gisele!!! Lucky you! :)

    Lady Lovely - I think Christina Ricci is gorgeous!

    Sophia - Thank you! And honestly, I HAVE actually been compared to some of those in real life. Beyonce, weirdly enough, has come up before. And Kate Hudson. I've also had Geri Halliwell (both in her Ginger Spice days AND as a solo artist), Paris Hilton (ick!), Isla Fisher, Andrea Corr, both Nicole AND Natalie Appleton from All Saints, Britney, Jessica Simpson, Jordan and . . . I think that's it, but there COULD be more. Oh yeah, one of my flatmates thinks I look like Christina Applegate.

    Phew, that's a big list!

  12. I can't really remember who I've been told I look like. I'm sure it's happened, my memory is just terrible.

    The My Heritage site seems to think I look like Al Pacino though. That's the only one that came up consistently over a few photos. Not sure I see it myself.

  13. I don't think you look like any of them, but you're very pretty. And, you should totally make something happen with that Rachel Leigh Cook connection; twins don't always look alike!

  14. My heritage says my twin sister is Eva Mendez. Meowww! ;)


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