Tuesday, 22 September 2009


  • Why was I so drunk last night? It was Weekly W(h)ine Night (I added the "H" myself) as we like to bitch about our jobs and life in general while drinking loads of wine) and we managed to drink one bottle of white, three bottles of rose AND a pitcher of strawberry WooWoos between three of us. Amazingly, not only was I completely NOT hungover this morning, but I managed to make it into the office for seven am. Miracles DO happen...
  • Last night culminated in me and my friend D wandering down Buchanan Street listening to her iPod and singing tiny snippets of nineties songs as if we were an advert for a "Greatest Songs of the 90s" album (weirdly enough, I actually ORDERED a 90s compilation album just the other day...)
  • As Andhari kindly pointed out, my post last night was still very grammar conscious. This was mainly because I was tip-toe typing with my fingers - doing it so gingerly and carefully and painstakingly, that I couldn't POSSIBLY make a mistake. This is ALSO why I couldn't have possibly wrote a proper post. Because it took me about twenty minutes just to type THAT tiny one . . .
  • For those who asked, "(500) Days of Summer" is a FABULOUS movie and I would thoroughly recommend it. We went to see it last Wednesday and had a great night. It also helped that me and Mich went for dinner beforehand and got it completely free. Woohoo!!!
  • Over the weekend, I decided to make Sunday my designated "going out" night. NOT the best of ideas.
  • We went to see a Pussycat Dolls tribute act. They were fantastic. I would go as far as to say they perhaps "out-Pussycatted" the Dolls themselves. Their support act? Not so much. Two young girls squeezed into waaaayyyy too revealing outfits and sporting horrendous hair extensions, who looked like they had accidentally stumbled onstage after mistaking it for their bedroom . . . which is the only place they should have been allowed to perform. Oh well . . . at least they enjoyed themselves I suppose...
  • The quote of the night had to be from my friend C's boyfriend, who deemed a girl in the venue, who clearly loved herself, "about as sexy as a loaf of bread". Classic.
  • It overtook my previous recent favourite quote for the top spot. When my flatmate told me "You're funny on the train". A back-handed compliment if EVER I heard one. After all, I'm funny EVERYWHERE.
  • As usual, every tall person in the world gravitated to the spot in front of me, making it hard for me to see the stage. Except for one guy who must have been about six foot five who actually checked to make sure he WASN'T in our way. Which prompted the "giant with a conscience" comment from myself . . .
  • I am half wondering if I should change the name of my blog to PMS as, not only are they my initials, but I feel like I'm having a permanent case of it right now. I want to cry about EVERYTHING. It's not nice. I even nearly cried today when I was told I couldn't get the day after my 30th birthday off. Oh well. I've got a couple of days off before it instead, which I suppose is JUST as good. Sort of...
  • I am REALLY missing the guy. Which is upsetting me more.
  • Tonight is lasagne night - the farewell dinner for my flatmate who is moving out.
  • I'm VERY hungry.
  • I'm going to go look pleadingly at my flatmate who is MAKING the lasagne with puppy dog eyes right now and hope that it somehow makes the lasagne cook faster.
  • Oh and THIS post??? It actually made my day.


  1. If I was there girlie, we would so habe combos of lasagna and too much wine. Then we'll write drunk post together hahahaha

    It sucks missing someone but so many people around you usually help. I always appreciate weekly whine night :)

  2. I am super jealous how you can get wasted on a work night.

    I can barely function correctly after a night of total sobriety.

    Cow. lol :P

    Oh aye, and no day off the day after your birthday? If I were to guess who was responsible, I'd be totally right wouldn't I?

    Grr. *pissed Mich!*



  3. maybe sunday isn't the best choice for going out... ;)

  4. First, the painstakingly short post did make me laugh. Secondly, great initials, my housemate's initials spell CAT. Thirdy, I'm that giant who stands in front of people. But I do try not to!

  5. first off, 90s compilation album sounds awesome.
    Second and I will leave this one open
    Pussy cat dolls tribute act?

  6. Your initials are PMS!? You must have gotten so much shit for that in middle school.


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