Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Okay, let';s shake off the negativity of earlier and try and move on. Tomorrow is a new day and all that - I know I feel just as rubbish but may as well try and have a nice sleep. (Yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen when I'm dreading going back so much. ANYWAY...)

Last night, as I mentioned, we had a bit of a farewell dinner for one of our flatmates. Five out of six of us were in attendance, the food was yummy, the wine was flowing and we were getting into one of those really deep and meaningful discussions. Really important life stuff.

Like what five famous people you'd be allowed to sleep with.

I didn't actually think I was going to be able to manage this at first. I rarely have intense crushes on celebrities - although I find LOADS of them attractive. I guess I just can't really see them as date-able material. When I was a kid, I COULD. I just KNEW that if the celebrity I fancied met me in real life he would fall in love with me. Now . . . not so much. I am a TAD more realistic than that.

Anyway . . . sitting there in the kitchen, mildly inebriated and more than a little horny (it has now been five weeks since I've had a shag and given that the guy is out of the picture I guess it might be another wee while), it suddenly wasn't so hard for me to conjure up some names.

So who made the short list???

1. The only one I knew straight off the bat was on my list, Robert Downey Jnr. I have loved him for YEARS, ever since I first saw the film "Only You" with Marisa Tomei. But especially when he played Larry in Ally MacBeal. After his character left, it all went downhill for me from there...

2. Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics. I've mentioned my love for him before. Although I WILL have to fight my flatmate for him since she claims she saw him first.

3. Paul Rudd. Loved him in Clueless, loved him in Friends, EVEN loved him in Anchorman with that dodgy facial hair. Now that MUST be love...

4. George Clooney. He may be old but he's still hot.

5. Ryan Reynolds. I can't BELIEVE Scarlett stole him from me. Bitch.

To be honest, there was actually six in the end, which resulted in me demoting George when I couldn't choose between Paul and Ryan. As it turned out, I can't remember who it WAS now, which means I guess he couldn't have been that important. Anyway, I'd ultimately decided that, since I am single, I CAN SLEEP WITH HOWEVER MANY CELEBRITIES I WANT!

Suck on THAT, people in committed relationships!!!

Other guys I REALLY wouldn't mind sleeping with? Michael Vartan, the guy who plays Chuck IN "Chuck", David Boreanaz (back in the "Angel" era, I'm not so hot on him now), the guy who was in (500) Days of Summer who used to be in "3rd Rock" (I only remember he has three names, but can't remember what they are), Ryan Philippe (cheating love rat though he might be) and Penn Badgely from "Gossip Girl" - although he may be a LITTLE bit young.

Okay, I guess it's time to go to bed and have dirty dreams now.

And try REALLY hard not to stress about going back there tomorrow...


  1. Hmmmmmm...I like most of your choices. My favorite of your list would have to be Ryan Reynolds. I totally don't believe Scarlett deserves him.

    And Robert Downey Jr.? Whaaaaaaaaaat? I laughed out loud on that one. Last person I was expecting.

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  3. Oh yes! I definitely LOVE Paul Rudd!
    btw, apparently I have a new identity now...and a new's your most efficient mafia wars'd know who it is, hopefully.

  4. JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT!!! mmmm he is yummy. I have a friend who knows him and so I've met him a couple times. Speechless every time. RAWR!

  5. That is a solid list and you should always have things like this down in writing in case an opportunity comes along.

  6. The guy who plays Chuck in "Chuck"? You mean Zachary Levy. Yeah he's pretty cute with those charming geeky exteriors.

    Anyhoo in my list would be all the young actors in Tudors. Sexy! Especially Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Caville. Also the guys who play Godric and Eric in True Blood. Also Jansen Ackles. And I wouldn't say no to Taylor Lautner and the guy who plays Patrick Verona in the new TV series of 10 Things I Hate About You, no matter how jailbait they are.

  7. Im with you on Kelly Jones but prefer Ryan Gosling to Reynolds...

  8. I think we agreed on a timeshare for the affections of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, missy! :)

    And what about poor Tyson Ritter? I've been telling folks I'm going to need to physically restrain you at the All-American Rejects gig so you can't throw your knickers at him or storm the stage!

    hehehehe :P


  9. Thats a good list. I totally see the Robert Downey Jnr thing - he's way sexy. He always has this quietly confident, cheeky, smirky kind of charm.
    By the way - so stealing this post idea!

  10. we have similar tastes!! obviously. and RDJ as Larry was AMAZING. I miss it :(

  11. Paul Rudd? YUMM.

    Now *I* will have dirty dreams.


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