Friday, 28 August 2009


I sent a dirty picture via text last night.

I think.

Hmmm. That's what happens when you start drinking at 11pm on a weeknight, I guess.

But last night was weird. I'm no stranger to a dirty text or picture, don't get me wrong. But why was last night special???

Well . . .

I have no evidence that I actually SENT the text.

I woke up this morning and clearly remembered taking the picture with my Blackberry, choosing the "send via MMS" option, typing in a message (although I can't remember what it was), and off it went into cyberspace . . . or whatever the MMS equivalent is.

But it's not in my sent items. Or my drafts. Or ANYWHERE. I checked.

I thought perhaps I'd imagined it but a quick look at the pictures saved on my phone and it confirmed I had indeed taken that picture. And I KNOW I sent it.

(Possibly the fact I also didn't get a response made it even more confusing. But that occasionally DOES happen... Unfortunately.)

So I can only assume that I deleted the evidence myself, so as not to make myself feel humiliated in the morning.

Apparently I'm censoring myself now. Hmmm.

The problem is, it's one thing to censor yourself and then forget the next morning that you ever did it . . . but if you HAVEN'T had some sort of alcohol related blackout, you're still going to remember . . . and therefore be very confused.

That's all.

PS And in case you're wondering, it was a picture of my boobs . . .


  1. Does your mobile provider let you check your usage history? Mine does - shows me what numbers I've been texting or sending photos to.

    Or is it not a question of who's the recipient, more - was it actually sent?

    Always possible you cancelled the message before confirming you wanted it sent.

  2. I'm one of the lucky ones. When I drink, I black out and I wake up to see my laundry done, complete meals stacked up in the freezer, the dishes done...

    I do these things and I don't remember.

  3. Maybe you did send it.... but without proof, can you be sure who you sent it to?

    What if you sent it to your mum or something?

  4. You're hilarious...and this is proof why drunk texting can be oh so dangerous.

  5. OK, I understand, even tired, stressed, neurotic and paranoid you can visit my blog. Take advantage, relax, you will be less neurotic, about being paranoid that I can't do much about it, but maybe some of my pictures help.

  6. Hahaha! Uh-oh...when sexting goes wrong...hahaha!


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