Wednesday, 5 August 2009


It's funny the ways people come across your blog, isn't it? I know I've discussed it before, I know MANY people have . . . but let's face it, when you have an all new batch of search terms, and can't be bothered typing that much then . . . why not share them??? (Yes, this IS a lack of inspiration post, how did you tell???)

So, OTHER than searching for me by my full name (STILL freaky!), how are other internet-aholics venturing slightly off route and finding themselves smack bang in the centre of "Insert My Blog Name Here"??? I'm glad you asked . . . Let's find out!!!

itchy bug bites on legs nyc

do you get a lot of bug bites in NYC?? Seriously, I'm curious . . . Considering I wasreferring to mosquito bites especially...

women always accept invitations to bed from hung men

I couldn't work this one out at first then remembered it was one of my spam email titles. Phew...

how do i name my blog

Are you asking ME for advice??? I couldn't think of a name myself. Didn't you guess???

what to put on ant bites that itch incredible

Ask a doctor???

"everyone else is fully dressed"

Either this person was searching for a lyric or was in a situation much like the clip below...

famous pen chewers

I suppose I am SLIGHTLY famous . . .

how can i download the pontins crocodile song

I have no idea but I COULD sing it for you. But I won't. Here's a link to it on youtube though... Man, that brings back memories of kiddy holidays!

chewy labia

Er . . . when have I EVER mentioned labias??? Oops. I just did.

why some dead people walk around

zombies? ghosts? stupid bloody question???

kelly jones wife

well i did claim to BE his future wife once upon a time. And one day I will be. Yum yum yum. I mean, come ON, who could resist him???

He even looks hot as a clown!!! ;)

And while i was looking for a "Coupling" clip involving Jane naked, I found this one and had to share. Look at it as a belated "Cheer Me Up Tuesday" clip. Or perhaps just a helpful tip . . .


  1. these are fantastic clips. Why don't we get this show in the US??

  2. "Chewy Labia" is a direct search to my blog to according to analytics. Something fishy going on here ... lol!

  3. Lol Kelly Jones wife... wonder if someone believes it's some sort of long distance relationship you're having with him? :P

    Beware of stalker Sterephonics' fans! If there's someone looking a bit shifty near you - just sing the first few bars of 'The Bartender and the Thief'... the obsessed fan is physically unable to carry on with anything else until they belt out the rest of the verse.
    Thus, giving you time to flee.

    You're welcome. ;)

  4. haha..I wish I knew how people find my blog :s

  5. Coupling is the bestest show what ever was.

  6. These are hilarious - I think I need to start putting some more juicy material on my blog - all I get are people searching for Nutella or schnauzers!!

  7. "Coupling" really was the most amazing show.

    Christmas present to myself - buy the box sets.

    Great hangover/lazy sunday evening watching.

  8. Jeez, there are a lot of itchy people out there.

  9. these are funny things to see! it's the oddest search words that have taken people to my blog to!

  10. I discovered your blog after liking your post on a forum because I, too, spent last night crying over a boy.

    Hope you check out my blog!

  11. Isn't it funny the search terms people use. Crazy! I've definitely gotten some weird ones with my food blog ;oP

  12. Know how I stumbled upon your blog?!

    Going back and seeing that I never imported you from my old reader.

    I know you missed me.


    -the OLD Don't Call Me Kathleen ;)


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