Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I'm in the process of trying to work out what I want to do for my birthday this year. I'm not sure whether to have a "party" or not.

On the pro side, it will be my 30th so I guess that's reason enough to do something I haven't done since I was a kid. On birthdays I tend to just say "Oh we'll all just meet in this place at a certain time" and then we all do. Well, some usually don't turn up in the end.

Which is partly why I am a bit unwiling to make things "official". Because if you book somewhere (and I'm not talking anywhere big, I'm just talking a booth or a side room somewhere) and then hardly anyone turns up, well . . . if it happens to me, I'm gonna feel a bit dumb.

As it is, there's a chance my sister will be out of the country on holiday, one of my best friends won't be home from Florida until the day OF my birthday (which is a Sunday - I'd rather have my party the night before anyway), and one of my other friends already has a prior commitment. So I'm not sure whether it's worth it or not.

So I ask . . . if it was YOUR birthday, what would you do???


  1. Party like a rockstar, baby!

  2. When I turned 40, I invited 6 great friends to come into NYC for dinner. I picked a 5 star restaurant so we all had to dress, had champagne at my house prior to leaving in a limo (40 minute drive) and I booked hotel rooms for us to stay over.

    I paid for the dinner and hotels. My friend paid for the limo.

    It was AMAZING...I didn't actually do this on my 40th bday as I was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

    Yeah, you can say I like to celebrate birthdays...So, do it big!

  3. i'd dress up in a killer party dress, invite close friends to dinner/dancing and then post pics on facebook of me looking fabulous so that all ex-boys get jealous haha

  4. Hey. It was my birthday yesterday. I just celebrated with family for that but am having people over to mine on Friday night. Haven't booked anywhere, people can just turn up to mine. I'll get a few nibbles in but nothing more. Low key enough that it doesn't matter too much but an event nonetheless so I get to celebrate with friends.

  5. You could always arrange something for the Saturday after your birthday, honey... then at least Florida friend will certainly be there!

    A themed party would be awesome - 70's theme, baby! Punks, hippies, and disco fever... you know it'd be hilarious! :P

  6. Fuck no, i don't like the 70s. Plus i want my birthday night out to be near my birthday, you know? what's the point in having your bday on a weekend if you don't celebrate it then... ;)

  7. IDK...I've never liked my bday parties since I was a teenager for the same reason (and that's why I didn't have any, lol)

  8. uhmmm let me think!
    İ think i'd go to the beach with my friends and swim i the middle of the night. Then drink and start to sing by the fire (and make everyone sing along with me of course :O)

  9. Do it, have a party. Beats sitting by yourself crying and drinking. Or so I hear.

  10. How about moving it to the next friday?


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