Friday, 21 August 2009


So this is my last PROPER day off and it has been a fairly eventful week considering I barely left the flat. However, today it is Mich's birthday so I'm heading out to meet her shortly so we can get good and pissed. Yay! (I say that like I HAVEN'T been drunk every day this week. Ha.)

In the meantime, and so she has lots of lovely messages when she comes back, please stop by her blog to wish her Happy Birthday! She is a very welcoming host, and she might even have a glass of wine waiting for you! ;)

In other news, I just unloaded the washing machine of the first lot of laundry I had done for about two weeks and have just realised how perilously close I was to running out of knickers. Phew . . .


  1. Happy birthday to Mich. This sounds fun, meal and booze definitely makes a birthday more awesome :)

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  4. My fiancée ran out of knickers once when we were staying in a hotel, and then started complaining about it! The other day she said her worst nightmare would be to end up with her skirt tucked in her knickers (let's hope this never happens!)

  5. Ahhhh bless, I had no idea you did a blog about this!


    I had the most brilliant birthday - no doubt due to the fabulous company ;-)

    And hooray for knickers! :P



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