Saturday, 15 August 2009


A couple of weeks ago, me and a mate of mine were chatting on facebook about a list of 100 books that everyone should apparently have read. My friend found it was amazing because although she doesn’t read, she’d read about 10 of them. I’d read 23 or 24, from what I recall. There was a fairly random mix on there, with books by George Orwell, JK Rowling, Helen Fielding, and Tolkien among others. Most of the classic books which I had read on the list were part of required reading in school as I don’t really do this kind of reading these days. (Classics? Bad. Chick-lit? Gooooddddd.)

The book that really got us talking though was The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. We had both loved that book, loved the entire series. Did any of you read it? The magical tree which had amazing worlds arrive at the top of it. Some of the lands were like fairytales, others more like nightmares. But it was always fun to find out what happened to them when they ventured up there.

A few days after this I was in the pub with Mich and the subject of that book came up again as we wondered what land WE might like to find at the top of the Far Away Tree. “Ooooh, I should write about this!” I exclaimed. (Hmmm, it seemed like a better idea when I was slightly inebriated.)

Here’s some ideas from me:

COCKTAIL LAND – In Cocktail Land you can just THINK of a cocktail and a glass of it will appear in your hand. You can drink as much as you want, and never get too drunk . . . and no hangovers the next day. And if by some fluke you DO get a hangover . . . there is a delicious cocktail cure that will instantly cure it! Result!

MAN LAND – Its full of handsome men, all for me. I can eye them up from afar, talk to them, or do anything I like with them. (I mean, ANYTHING!) And all for FREE! Woohoo.

CHICK-LIT LAND – It has the world’s most giant sofa, loaded with cushions (and a fleecy throw, in case I get cold), a fully stocked massive fridge and every chick-lit book ever written. How awesome…

What land would YOU like to find at the top of The Far Away Tree???


  1. Oh my god, the only way you could top those lands were if they were combined to make one big Super Land.

    With every flavour of ice cream imaginable... with the calories taken out.

    Ohhh... and the cocktails are calorie free as well.

    And pop a few hot girls there as well - and a stripper pole - for whenever anyone's feeling 'curious' ;-) hehehehe

    Oh, and please add a Harry Potter and crime thriller section for me. :-)

    Yeah... after your ideas, the ones Enid Blyton came up with are laughable... lol

  2. can we have cocktails like that and huge cushions like that in men land? grrrrr...

    I agree what mich said about throwing yummy foods with no calories at all there. How amazing would that be? :P

  3. oh wow, i loved those books! I remember one about a magic brush?

    BTW, have you read the Pincess Bride by William Goldman? I am reading it for Uni and it's great! Not something i would normally read, but you should try it.

  4. Is Man Land have a similar Female Land that's next door? Are there coupons?

  5. Yep, i read that when i was younger. I like the sound of ManLand ( you know, like if my wonderful boyfriend didnt exist.. ) but i think i'd like Shopping Land. It'd be a huge mall, stocking everything any human being could ever want, and i could shop there to my hearts content but everything would be free!

    Also, to Kimberlie, " the Princess Bride " is a fantastic book and the movie version was one of my three favourite movies when i was a child. Sure, its around 20 years old now, but i recommend you check it out.

  6. I LOVED the magic faraway tree! In fact, I recently bought a newer copy and they've changed all the names!! Fanny is now "Franny" and Dick is now "Rick". Various other stupid changes. Bring back the original I say!

  7. Loved the Faraway Tree. Weren't two of the characters called "Silky" and "Moonface"?

    Also, Princess Bride - great film. Still one of my "I'm ill and need comforting" films.


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