Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Every couple of weeks I've found I have enough silly spam titles built up to do one of these posts. Which is good when I'm suffering from lack of inspiration. So what have I received in my spam filter recently? Let's have a look . . .

Auto-filter blocked your mesasge

If only it would block YOUR messages. (And, while you're at it, perhaps you should use a spell-checker in future?)

She is bound to lose her mind over your great size.

I am bound to lose my mind if I get another one of these messages . . .

Some men were lucky to be born with a big penis, but some can easily get it.

Viagra? Enlargement? Stealing someone else's???

By enlarging your instrument you will manage to keep up your good name.

Is this aimed at musicians? Hmmm . . . I think not . . .

Change your little pecker to enormous beast.
Having a big beast in your pants will make you a beast in bed.

I'm mildly scared by both of those subject titles . . .

Women never get bored in bed with a well-endowed man.

If he's boring, then we will get bored.

. . . ;)

More inches in your pants, less steps to success.

Yeah. It'll be kinda like having a third arm.

(Now THERE'S a subject title they could use!)

Enjoy the delicious taste of having a monster in your pants.

Planning to have some ribs removed???

Guess where we are

If the correct response is "outside my window", I'm going to shit myself.

Welcome to the planet of cheap, luxurious watches

Wow, the solar system gets more intriguing by the day . . .


  1. I'm jealous - I don't get any of that good spam. Mine seems to be all about bogus credit cards and chances to refinance with unknown charley's bank of spam.

    At least yours makes for an entertaining title reading!

  2. All I ever get is 'enlarge your member'. lol

    So tempted to try and enter into a dialogue with the spammers, e.g.

    'I do not have a member to enlarge... can you arrange for me to have a member so I may purchase your product?'


    'Will your product also work on sex toys? I can't be bothered buying a new one, so your product could be ideal!'.


  3. There's a site called 419 eater where people scam the scammers. it's fecking hilarious!

  4. oh my. I giggled quite inappropriately loud at the last two. thanks!

  5. LOL what's all this about penis enlargement? People out there really only think around the area, don't you think?:P

  6. oh man. some of these are RIDICULOUS!!!
    hhahaa...love the 'third arm' comment. almost made me do a spittake at work!!! lol

  7. I don't want the planet... i want the UNIVERSE of cheap, luxurious watches

  8. Oh lord! Doesn't it just drive you mad?? I get tons of this stuff my self. Thank god for a good spam filter!!!!

    When I recieve these mails ( about how to make my penis several inches longer which I as a 25 year old girl is oh soo intrested in) I always wonder to things. 1) Who are these people who send them? And how can they possibly take pride in what they do? And 2) since they keep sending the,, somone must be buying from them and who are thoose poeple??


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