Thursday, 2 July 2009

TO . . .

. . . my new flatmate - what are you soooo fucking LOUD??? Seriously, turn DOWN the volume. I'm sure whoever is in your room with you will still understand you...

. . . the woman who I accidentally bumped into on the way out of the office - I realise I accidentally kind of touched your boobs; please don't sue me for sexual harrassment!

. . . the person who treats me differently from everyone else - perhaps you should give me the benefit of the doubt when I try to share a joke with you and NOT pull me up for something that wasn't even an issue. One rule for me, one for everyone else apparently. But then, that was my mistake to actually make an effort . . .

. . . the pub (whatever pub you are) - I will see you in an hour or so.

. . . the weather - hot weather and sunshine is welcomed but excessive heat and no sunshine? Not cool (literally AND metaphorically)

. . . my mind - why won't you just stop working overtime and try not to panic me too much?


  1. I love this post! Creative! Must be hard to share a flat with someone inconciderate... Hope it get's better

  2. well im glad u got that off ur chest haha and yea i had the party and one 2 people brought gifts ooh well

  3. I love posts like these. Nice and simple, but very effective.

    Here's hoping the new flatmate reads ur blog tho :)

  4. Hey there - dropping in from miss*H's blog. I likes what I sees :) And I laughed so freakin' hard at "please don't sue me for sexual harassment!


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