Wednesday, 1 July 2009

OH . . . BALLS!!!

I just missed the entire Andy Murray Wimbledon match. I am absolutely raging!

We were keeping an eye on the score in the office and when I left it was 6-5 in the first set. By the time I got home, eager to see what was left of the match, I discovered Andy had already won and was already being interviewed off-court.

Dammit dammit dammit!!!

It's ironic because tennis is one of the few spectator sports I enjoy. Well, MALE tennis. At Wimbledon. When there's a British player playing. (I used to also enjoy when Mark Philopoussis was playing. And I also enjoy Nadal's arms, but he's not playing.)

I'm kinda a fairweather watcher I guess.

But hopefully Murray will give me something to watch when he plays the semi-final. Good luck Andy!!!


  1. I don't really understand tennis.... I've never watched it.

  2. i love playing tennis for fun, but i can't sit and watch it...or any sport, really! lol

  3. I dont know why but tennis makes me mad

  4. I loooooooove watching tennis. I dont watch Wimbeldon because its in the middle of the bloody night here but come January, and Australian Open time, i am all over the tennis thing.

    I would also love to be all over Rafael Nadal... mmm: Spanish; athletic; and those gorgeous arms and bum. What more could i possibly ask for in a fantasy ?

  5. Did you see the Wawrinka match?? Talk about TENSE!


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