Saturday, 20 June 2009


I need some advice . . . And some help. Advice first . . .

Basically I need help for ideas for my mum's 60th birthday present.

Which was in March.

Don't judge. She is soooo hard to buy presents for, and I have only ever managed to inadvertently get her something she really wanted on two occasions. Once when I got her that book "Eats, Shoots and Leaves", and the other when I got her a cushtie. Any other time, she has LIKED her presents okay, I guess, but I haven't got that, "oh my god, I love it!" vibe from her.

Anyway, here's the problem - she doesn't like flowers, she's always on a diet and she's hard to buy clothes for. I usually end up getting her scarves. Which is hardly original. She's not a big jewellery wearer. She likes reading and sudoku. I THINK she likes tv, but no idea really what she likes programme-wise. She walks. A lot. She doesn't wear make-up.

It's difficult to know what to get her. I honestly don't have a clue. I'm sure none of you do either - you obviously don't know her AT ALL! - but I'm hoping if I throw it out there, someone might have an idea. So any suggestions would be appreciated! Make me a good daughter again, please!!!

Now for the help part . . . I notice some of you have "facebook" widgets on your blog which people can click on if they want to become your friend. How did you get them there? I honestly don't have a clue . . .


  1. How about a gift certificate to a spa for a massage, facial or pedicure?

  2. what about a kaleidoscope?

  3. I second the gift certificate. Sure, some might see it as a cop out. But you say she likes reading. Well, a gift certificate to the local book store is a good thing. She'll get what she wants.

  4. LOL, your mum sounds so much like me its scary! How about something adventurous from Virgin Experience or similar?

  5. I can't help you with your mum's present, but I can help you with Facebook! (I've actually just posted an "Add me on Facebook" post!!)

    What you need to do is log-in, click on your profile, and somewhere on your page (mine's at the bottom of the left column) there will be a link that reads "Create a Profile Badge". Click on it, create your badge, then you can just add it in as a widget by clicking on Blogger. Voila!

    Hope that explains it!!

  6. does she like flowers? How about namig a rose after her? It'll last forever and you could plant one in her garden that would last a lifetime

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  8. doh, she doen't like flowers forget that then :) How about naming a star after her?

  9. My mom is the worst to buy for too! Anything she wants/needs she just buys herself and then when it's time to get her a present she either never uses it (iPod shuffle, yoga bag, spa certificate) or just doesn't seem that into it.

    It's SO frustrating!


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