Thursday, 28 May 2009

OKAY . . .

So . . .first off, thanks for the links! I'm particularly enamoured with stumbleupon, so I will never be off the internet from now on.

Not so sure I will be blogging though.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE blogging. I love writing, I love sharing the stuff that's going on in my life, I love your feedback.

I HATE the haters though.

Those that I once cared about, that I maybe accidentally fucked over. I don't know how Im meant to make things better, but I know that they are apparently hell bent on fucking me over in return. It makes me feel that, despite the fact that I am not saying anything I wouldn't mind other people hearing, people are still determined to use my words against me.

It's weird isn't it? I mean, I KNOW that certain people I know in real life are reading my blog. I always have. Not only have I already supplied some of my friends with the URL, but I KNOW it's not exactly hard to find out these things. But . . . who knows? I thought better of some people, despite everything. And then . . .

No, I don't even want to get into this. I can't. I've kept it bottled up now for close on a year and . . . No. It makes me too mad.

Don't get me wrong. I WILL keep blogging. Just because I'm not inclined to right now doesn't mean I won't. Because it's a free fucking country and I like to do it. It's just that right now I'm inclined to just rant and rant and RANT and I'm trying to be a bit more positive these days.

In the meantime . . . I've got to stop feeling guilty. Two and a half years of being on the wrong side of a grudge (a deserved one, admittedly, but not one I caused out of maliciousness)? Long enough!!! Two and a half years of dirty looks and hearing nasty comments about myself? DEFINITELY long enough.

That's all.


  1. Don't let the haters dictate your life, you are stronger than them fuckers.

  2. Dont let the haters win..

    And its kinda pathetic if they are stalking your blog if they hate you... dont they have anything better to do?!

    Keep blogging, be the bigger person!

  3. How fucking sad are they they have to still hold onto the anger after all that time. Pathetic cows.

    I adore you and your blog, keep doing it and fuck the haters.

  4. You just have to be bigger than those people. I think people who feel the need to spread rumours about you, or speak ill or you, or even just shoot you nasty looks are sad little people.

    Sure, they piss you off, but you should be glad you're a better class of person than them for not sinking to their level.

  5. Fuck the haters, honey.

    You're better than them, so let them hate if it makes them feel better. They clearly have such sad lives that they feel the need.

    Stay positive. :)

  6. Argh thi smakes me so angry. I just had friend email me about my blog too, she always reads herself into everything i write, even thou i would never write about a real friend, the haters yes, real friend no.

    If people have been holding grudges for this long, they deserve to read shit about themselves and believe me, they aint worth it. Keep going and fuck em. x

  7. and that last comment is smidge btw, i cant comment with open id with my blog :(

  8. I will just say three words...

  9. It is the great thought that they read what you write and know it is about them and they know millions (ok not millions but...) of other people read it too.....keeps them guessing if it is or isn't them...I LOVE IT.....!!!!!

  10. Hey go you, do what the hell you want and let the others get on with whatever they want too.. Seriously, if we let these ass holes get us down all the time we would never do anything.. and that would be an awful shame!!

    I kinda think I know what you are on about.. Blogging is one of those things that is open for all.. hense why i am choosing to go private..

    I dont need headache of wondering who is reading, with going private.. I know who is reading :o) xx


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