Sunday, 17 May 2009



I'm exhausted from the flight home (got in at three am this morning but with the two hour time difference it was five am in my head) because I've not been able to sleep very well, I've managed to somehow hurt my leg in the middle of the night so I am limping, my scalp must have got burnt because its peeling (isn't it lovely to have all these dead skin cells flaking off in your hair???) and I'm glad to be home.

Not cos I didn't have fun. I had an awesome time, don't get me wrong. But you know how there's just this point when you're all packed up and waiting about (in our case for AGES for the transfer coach to the airport) and you just think "man, i want my own bed right this minute." The flight home seemed to drag despite the fact it was only four and a half hours long. On the way back you don't have the excitement you had on the journey out to keep you going. You just feel exhausted and cramped up and impatient. I was so relieved when I reached my own bed I could have cried. I may have done so. But that's another story.

Rhodes is beautiful. The weather was lovely, the Greeks are so friendly. And everything seemed so inexpensive compared to holidaying in, say, Spain or the Canaries. Not that the latter are hugely expensive either, but the price difference was fairly significant.

We stayed at a great place called the Finas Aparthotel, which has to have been one of the friendliest places I have ever stayed. The guests all interacted with each other, the staff were really friendly, and the nights at the hotel bar were generally so much fun that we tended to go out for dinner and then come straight back to continue drinking there. We even won that week's pub quiz! Although we didn't sing any karaoke or take part in the hypnotist show. Mind you, the hypnotist show was so set up anyway that they must have thought we were utterly stupid that we would actually believe it!

I will try and post some pictures at some point but the good pictures are on my friend's camera so rather than subject you to the blurry ones on my phone (which you may have already seen if you're my friend on facebook) I'll maybe wait for those. The ones of me trying to dance on top of the hotel bar after doing tequila shots (I've neither danced on a bar OR drank tequila before so that's two firsts there for me!) caused me particular amusement.

Oh, and I feel I must share the stupidity of a fellow Scot who was travelling in our transfer bus down to the resort we were staying at in Rhodes. Me and my friend couldn't decide whether we were annoyed that she felt the need to talk so loudly for the hour the journey took, or whether we were amused that she was saying such stupid things for everyone to hear. Examples?

*** "Is Greece very big? It doesn't look very big." (Bearing in mind that we were not on the Greek Mainland . . . )

*** "I thought we flew over Turkey" (er - no.)

*** "Isn't Belgium in Ireland? Where is it then? So where am I thinking of that's in Ireland? Oh - Belfast!"

*** "There are no houses. Where do all the people live?" (It was dark)

*** "Is that a school?" (The people she was with replied that the building she was referring to was in fact a supermarket.) "Oh right. I thought it must be a school cos it has windows."

The education system in Scotland has clearly gone downhill in the past few years. We were very glad she wasn't staying at the same place as us anyway!

So it's back to normality now I guess. Back to work on Tuesday. Time also to find out what is happening with this guy. Like I said before I left, not sure what is going on. Not long after I made that particular post, I heard from him that night, and he seemed fine. Similarly on Saturday morning. I barely heard from him when I was away and only when I initiated contact, but I didn't want to get too paranoid about that as he could have been thinking "okay, she's on holiday, maybe I shouldn't be disturbing her." So I basically said last time I text him on Thursday that I would text him when I was back in the country. I'm going to do that later. I guess how I proceed after that depends on how he responds. In my head, it's probably already over and he just doesn't want to say. That being said, I will be gutted if that is the case. And it still won't make sense to me at all. But oh well. It's just typical of my life anyway - I don't know why this crap continues to surprise me but somehow it always waits until the moment I've put aside my doubts and tried to relax and then . . . it strikes.

Once again, it's a waiting game . . . Please keep your fingers crossed for me though. I don't want this one to be messed up too.


  1. Don't worry, I share your pain when it comes to guys. I don't know who fucks it up, me or them - but the screw ups happen a lot.
    Glad you had fun in Rhodes!

  2. oh's so cool u went to Greece! I went to a greek festival today, lol and I thought "These Greeks are the funniest ppl ever!!!" and u got the chance to be there? cool PP!

  3. I love Rhodes stayed there a few years back and it still remains one of the best Greek islands for me, did you get to see much of the old town?

  4. We stayed quite a bit away from the old town, on the south side of the island, so I never saw any of the north side - not even on the journey from the airport or back as it was dark!!!

  5. Superb stupidity from our fellow Scots. I miss it sometimes - we live down here in Greece and don't udnerstand enough Greek yet to overhear people being daft.

    It's one of the things you miss out on when you live abroad.

    Glad you enjoyed Rhodes. We're up the road a bit in Kalymnos (next door to Kos).

    Greece is ace.


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