Tuesday, 14 April 2009


One of my very least favourite things about living in the UK is the whole concept of the monarchy. I'm aware some people are fascinated by it, and its part of our history, and a great tourist draw and all that but . . .

The Royals suck.

Seriously, what do they DO??? As far as I can see, all the Queen herself does is interrupt every Christmas day with a mind-numbingly boring speech on the TV which its difficult to escape from. Oh and the way she STARES . . . it freaks me out, she looks like she could freeze someone with one look.

Prince William? Most overrated "hunk" in the world. Since when does having teeth which are far too big for your mouth make someone good looking? I'm assuming it's the "Prince" status that people like about him because as far as I can see? Not much going for him. Kate Middleton could do soooo much better. In fact, it may be a good thing if they get married and have babies because hopefully they would inherit her looks rather than the rather inbred horsey features that most of the Royal Family appear to be in possession of.

But then, wouldn't that be rather going against tradition???

To be honest, I can't actually pinpoint the exact reason I don't like them. I just never have. I don't see the point of them at all. Perhaps its because the Royal Family seems quintessentially ENGLISH, and since I am not English, I can't identify with them. But then I'm sure that a hell of a lot of English people can't identify with them either.

And believe me, it's not sour grapes. I would HATE to be one of them. To live your life under scrutiny, to have to do what you're told (which is the impression I get of them), all while having the features of a horse??? Nah, not for me at all. I like my freedom too much.

There are only two Royals I have any time or respect for. One was Princess Diana. Not only did she use her status to do some good, she also had a bit of an edge. I didn't really appreciate that until she was gone though.

The other? Her son Harry. He seems to be the most NORMAL of the royals. Perhaps this is because he doesn't quite have the pressure on him that William does, as future King. Or perhaps it is that he suffers from some sort of "second child complex". But he definitely is more interesting than any of the other ones, and at least ends up in some mischief once in a while.

Of course, I don't know what I'm saying here. William CLEARLY isn't going to become King.

Because I think there is a fairly big chance that The Queen is in fact immortal . . .


As for the "Cheer Me Up Tuesday" portion of the post . . . well I am in a bit of a hurry right now as I need to go out and do a food shop and then get ready to go out for dinner tonight, so I don't have time to go looking for something original. So I'm going to turn to a link that Jamie posted on facebook the other week.

When I clicked on the link, it was about half one in the morning and I was laughing so loudly, I was more than a little worried that I was going to wake up my flatmates. But I don't THINK I did.

Anyway, here it is . . .


  1. I totally agree with the "hunk status".... says who? because I definitely don't think he is...

  2. You're not English? I hadn't realised that! Where are you from?

  3. Aww - I love the Royals!!

    But yes, I suspect The Queen might be around for a very long time. She's indestructible!

  4. I think the Queen has made some kind of pact. She has been looking the same for the past 30 years.

    Something wrong with her.

  5. Oh yeah, I'm with you on William's "hunk" factor. B/c if that's considered hunky in the UK I'll gladly stick with my American hunks!

  6. the queen sucks! I don't think there should be anyone in this world that you're not allowed to even touch.

  7. Harry is definately the funnest. And that facebook page is hilarious!

  8. Princess D was amazing. I read all her biographies.

  9. Just wanted to say I like your blog. It's funny and has lots of personality.


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