Monday, 27 April 2009


Everytime I decide I am going to tidy up my room, I remember that not only am I a hoarder of the highest order, but that I also buy waaaayyyyy too many celebrity gossip magazines.

In fact, I buy these pretty much exclusively over any other type of magazine (with the exception of the occasional health and fitness magazine, which I like to eagerly read while devouring a Dominos pizza with extra cheese, or imbibing several glasses of rose wine - yes, the irony hasn't evaded me). For one thing, they don't have the ridiculous ad: editorial ratio that the big name magazines like Vogue and Cosmo have.

And, more importantly, they don't waste time with all that thought provoking journalism crap.

Instead, it's sensationalism at its best.

And who knows whether the fuck its true or not. Who cares???

It's just bloody fun to read!

I love that I could buy two different magazines, out on the same week, and read an article in one which contradicts the article on the same subject in the other. Oh look, Brangelina is on the rocks. Oh no, wait, this magazine says that they aren't. Oh, and magazine number three says that Jen would take Brad back in a heartbeat if they do break up. (Man, I love her, but that girl is a glutton for punishment.)

Even funnier is when there are two articles in the SAME magazine which contradict each other. The same issue of the same magazine and they can't even get the story straight. Ha. You're really doing your homework there, dudes!

I particularly love their swing between slagging off celebrities that are too thin for their own good to slating the ones who have put on weight. One week they are talking about "fabulous beach bodies" and showing us pictures of the skinniest actresses in bikinis to make us feel bad about themselves . . . the next issue they talk about a survey they did with a bunch of guys which says that basically no guys think Cheryl Cole has a nice body and that they like REAL women bodies. Usually the "real woman picture" which accompanies the article is someone who ALLEGEDLY has curves. You know, like size zero Eva Longoria or something like that. Er - newsflash - just because someone doesn't go straight up and down doesn't ACTUALLY mean they have proper curves!

I realise that most of what I have written here so far makes it sound like I am seriously slagging off gossip magazines. And I suppose to some extent I am. Because I LOVE to read them, but I also love to HATE them. I mean, even if the knowledge I get from them isn't one hundred per cent substantiated, even if its a pile of utter BOLLOCKS, its something to talk about.

Plus it makes you realise that celebrities, deep down, are just as messed up as us normal folk.

Apparently . . .


  1. Perezhilton and US Weekly magazine just do it for me. No guilt, just entertainment.

  2. I hate gossip mags, but I collect women's mags like it's my JOB! I have magazines at home from probably 2005!

  3. im with meghan, Us weekly is all I need

  4. I'm pretty sure that celebs are MORE messed up than the rest of us actually!

  5. in terms of gossip, the only one i read is

  6. Just as messed up? I think a large ammount of them are more messed up :o) They sure do make me feel better about my life thats for sure ;)


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