Friday, 24 April 2009


Sounds like some sort of STD doesn't it?

Don't worry, it isn't. (At least not that I know of anyway . . . )

I'm talking about Personal-Space Invaders.

I hate them.

I am very possessive of my own personal space. At least when it comes to strangers. I realise there are points where people can't help being very close to you. But I can't stand it when someone is right on top of me, for no reason!!! Lauren was talking about this a couple of weeks ago, when she posted a picture of a girl who was virtually sitting on her on the subway. Very annoying, right?

And then the same thing happened to me on the Glasgow subway the other day. I got on at St Enoch, onto a virtually empty train, and this dude decides to sit right next to me. He was close enough as it was, but then two other people decided to sit on the other side of him and, despite the fact there was plenty of space for them, he shoved up even closer to me. Anytime the train jerked, there would be waaayyyy too much body contact from him. In the end I was contorting my body against the wall, trying my hardest not to let him touch me, tutting fairly loudly to try and get my point across, fucking RAGING when I could see that there were tons of free seats on the train and why the FUCK did he have to be so bloody near me. I was absolutely furious.

It's much the same way when I'm in a shop and there's one other person in the shop - who seems determined to get in my way the whole time. Like why is it that no matter what it is I want to look at, THEY suddenly want to look at it too? And have to get totally into my space to do it??? It's so unbelievably annoying that I end up wanting to strangle the person involved. Can't they just wait until I'm done? If it's me and the other person is looking at something I want to look at, I try and wait until they're done and moved off before I take my turn. It's only polite, surely?

And then the other day I went to the sunbed and as I was sitting on a chair waiting for my go at baking my skin, a guy sat down in the seat next to me. He was uncomfortably close as it was but then, even more annoyingly, he started tapping his foot on the floor to the music that was playing. I say "tapping" . . . it was more like "thumping" really. The whole floor around me was shaking due to his close proximity to me. NEXT THING, he put his foot ON TOP OF MY FOOT. It didn't hurt, but he wasn't even AWARE of it. I had to pull my foot out from underneath his, which he MUST have noticed, but did I get an apology??? Did I FUCK!!! Arsehole!

Why are some people so damn unaware of how rude they are being???

If there IS a hell, I would like to think that THEIR hell will be a permanent state where people are sitting on top of them, treading on their feet, invading their space and generally just making them feel claustrophobic. Maybe THEN they'll know how it feels too . . .


  1. i dont see how people dont feel uncomfortable getting up into your personal space, do they not notice, do they think you want to touch strangers?? NO!!!
    i hate when your on a train and the person sits really close next to you and then falls asleep with their head looming over your shoulder and touching you as the train bounces along!! WHAT IF THEY HAVE NITS!!!!!!
    Im glad someone else has the PSI as well!!!
    people need to learn i must be able to spin my arms in a complete circle and they must not be in that area... then we are all happy chappys!!

  2. Hmm. I don't know if that version of hell would be bad enough- since the obviously don't have that discomfort. Maybe they shouldn't ever be able to touch anyone, ever, in hell. Might be a better punishment... ;)

  3. I was in a bar a few weeks ago. I got up from the table and was standing at a little railing smoking. Some girl came up and was reaching in front of me pointing and laughing and almost standing on top of me. My friends were stunned. I simply blew smoke right in her face and walked into her and pushed her aside and said, "next time keep your fat ass our of my personal space."

  4. LOL thats awesome!! did she say anything?

  5. OMG!!! It's an epidemic!!! Seriously, the people who STEP on you and don't even acknowledge it are so terrible. It's like, "Hi, do you NOT realize that you're no longer standing on the ground but on my poor defenseless foot?"

  6. Arseholes!!! The lot of them!!!


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