Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Tough, you're getting some anyway!

In fact, maybe I should make it a regular thing, since I seem to receive so damn much of the stuff . . .

Ever felt like becoming an elephant? Maybe this can help . . .

Become superhung with enormous trunk

Or how about taking the excitement out of life???

Now you can forget the feeling of rejection forever

Apparently I also have dreams of having a penis . . .

You see your erection only in your dreams?

And here's some REAL dirty talk for you . . .

The price of our watches is really seducing

Someone is really hung up on getting me not just male genitalia but BIG male genitalia . . .

Get a bigger bazooka today (or do they mean a REAL bazooka???)

If your little friend is lazy, the magic blue pill will make him work (wow, that's all I EVER wanted! How did you know???)

Are You Okay? (em - no. You keep sending me stupid spam!)

I told you about him (I know. I wish I'd listened.) (Lol)

It's easier to slide when you have gigantic pride (wouldn't it be easier to slide if I had a gigantic . .. SLIDE???)

A big instrument is a mortgage to success (SERIOUSLY, why spam's utter fascination with size???)

You can look fancy even if you are a simple taxi driver (I have a feeling this may offend some taxi drivers . . . )

And last but not least, an item of spam that has caused a PARTICULARLY disturbing mental image . . .

Your manhood will fly like a white dove - elegant and free

Any choice pieces of spam flown into YOUR inbox "like a white dove" recently???


  1. While I detest spam in general, I do lament that it's so male-oriented. Where's the female-friendly spam? Ads for bigger boobs and tighter vaginas? C'mon, spammers!!

  2. buahahah! I love when you blog this!
    Why do you get so much spam?

  3. I don't understand - I NEVER get spam - I feel like I'm missing out!!!

  4. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE those are hilarious!

  5. woah you get like all the dirtiest spam ever.

  6. nice post!! i can consider myself lucky i almost never have spam

  7. Lol!! Spam is hilarious.

    Mine are all about "dirty teens getting fucked anal"

    Oh, and apparently "Jennifer Lopez attends swinger parties. We have proof!‏"


  8. Okay, that white dove one is pretty ridiculous haha!

  9. How can they make sliding sound so dirty? That's impressive!

  10. Ugh - where do people come up with this stuff!?


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