Tuesday, 31 March 2009

ZOMBIE . . .

At the moment, I feel like one of the walking dead. I am LITERALLY dead on my feet.

For over two weeks now, since that first random Sunday night spent chatting online until it was practically daylight, I have survived on hardly any sleep. Several nights have resulted in me passing out (although that's been more due to drunkenness than anything else) cold rather than falling asleep. Other nights I've just been awake until the small hours because I simply can't sleep . . . DESPITE THE FACT I WAS EXHAUSTED ALL DAY!!!

Hopefully I can catch up on a bit of shut-eye this weekend. And a couple of days after that I'll have six days straight off in a row over the Easter weekend to try and recharge my batteries properly.

Lack of sleep means my concentration is shot, and my brain feels woolly. Therefore I have been decidedly lacking in inspiration. And I guess at the moment, I've had other things on my mind. :)

But normal service should resume as soon as I have time to catch a breath and actually get my head around the events of the past fortnight. It feels like there's a lot going on - both in my own life, and also in the lives of those around me - and I'm struggling to keep up.

On an unrelated subject, when was the last time you experienced THIS type of excitement???


  1. um, i'm allowed to be scared of that kid, right? like...i would run through dark alleys to get away from him.

    i haven't been sleeping well for days (nights?) and i'm sick of it. i want to be able to fall asleep at 11 or midnight and wake up refreshed without any lingering tiredness. it's annoying.

  2. I know how that feels man, I can not wait for the easter holidays because I am just EXHAUSTED! I also find myself lying awake at night waiting for sleep, despite the fact that i was tired all damn day long!

    That kid was fking psyched! and maybe possessed. I don't know. But I would say the last time i actually felt excited about a christmas present, to the extent of screaming and jumping, would have been in 1997. Yes. I feel a little sad now, haha!

  3. Sounds like you need some me-time.

  4. It's 6:30am and today I begin my new job. I'm feckin terrified and shattered after not sleeping well atall. But that video had me laughing my ass off and no one ever sees me smile before 9am! Thanks for that!

  5. oh my god I so what some of what that kid has had!!

    Hope you're feeling better nalready chicky x


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