Sunday, 8 March 2009

SO . . .

The pub crawl was a success, fun was had, minimum havoc was caused, and I didn't even get THAT drunk! Okay, so that's a lie. My drunken-ness peaked mid-evening though, so I did the sensible thing (which, as I said to one of my colleagues today, was as much of a surprise to ME as it was to everyone else) and went onto the soft drinks. I have no idea how many pubs we actually went to in the end, but I think we made it to all the ones in the plan. Some were better than others . . .

I woke up today without even a hangover, and then decided on impulse to . . . go into work and do overtime. Oh yeah. My life is so exciting I can't even stand it myself!

So I've got a busy week ahead of me, I guess, and a lot going on in my head. I got some advice about some stuff last night, which I suppose helped me, as I got some stuff off my chest that I've been bottling up for a while. But in other ways, the advice I was given has confused me a bit more. Don't you just HATE it when that happens???

Anyway, I will hopefully get back to normal not-so-angsty, slightly-more-regular blogging over the next few days (fingers crossed!) but in the meantime I have to finish getting ready to go over to one of my friends for dinner. We're having a roast. Yum. I am unreasonably excited about this, I realise, but that's because I hardly EVER get roast dinners. Yippee!!!

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  1. I would also be excited about a roast.

    I went a whole year without a roast dinner when i lived in the US - it was the first meal i asked for when i got back!

    The voluntarily over-time though ? You're mental.


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