Saturday, 14 March 2009


I was in bed for eight pm last night. On a Friday night.

Seriously, what the fuck???

But I was sooo tired from the department bonding/update experience. It was a mental couple of days. Presentations and group work and icebreaking stuff during the Thursday where we were stuffed with so much information I don't think i took a lot of it in.

On Thursday night all hell broke loose. In a GOOD way, but it was an ever-so-slightly insane night!

After dinner, we returned to the hotel bar, where we all proceeded to get good and drunk. To be perfectly honest, I was ALREADY good and drunk by the time the meal ended, having already imbibed two glasses of wine beforehand and a few with dinner too. Oops. In the bar there were no tables so we ended up gathering some chairs around a baby chair to use as a table. It was NOT particularly steady.

The drinks were meant to be free but the tab was closed on more than one occasion. Which wasn't ideal considering that one large glass of wine cost a whopping SIX POUNDS AND TWENTY FIVE PENCE.

(Isn't it weird how I've forgotten some chunks of the night, but remember the price of a glass of wine???)

After the bar closed down at midnight, we ended up in one of my colleague's rooms for an after-bar party. It got a bit out of hand, we were all slightly merry, and therefore causing a bit of a disturbance. People kept coming to the door to complain about the noise. My favourite part of the party was when the song "Birdhouse in Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants came on and we were all singing along and dancing to it. I never realised how many people loved that song!

Eventually, the hotel staff, probably desperate to stop the complaints, told us they would re-open the bar for us, but none of us wanted to pay the exorbitant prices. So the party ended and broke off into individual parties. At one point there was four of us in another girl's room but she kept falling asleep so we left.

I woke up at six in the morning on my bed with the throw over me, still fully dressed. I was woken by one of my male colleagues in my bathroom. For some reason, after the unsuccessful final party, we had decided to play noughts and crosses, followed by hangman, in my room! Random much??? Every spare bit of paper in the room was covered with Xs, Os, and hangmen pictures! Seems like a bit of a strange end to the night, right?

The following day (or later that same day) most of us were barely in a fit state to get out of bed, but instead were subjected to some slightly insane team bonding activities. There was one where we had to diffuse a bomb (it wasn't a real bomb) and build a bomb shelter. One where we had to build a rocket. Another where we had to build a tent . . . while blindfolded!!! Then there was The Web (I have managed to find a link to a similar website which will show you this one) - now as far as I was concerned, this was probably the most fun one. But also pretty damn dangerous! One of the girls nearly got dropped on her head at one point, one of the guys hurt his neck when he fell out of someone's grasp, and I accidentally got my boobs felt up!

On top of everything else, we had to do it outside, and considering it was next to the sea and really bloody windy, I was FREEZING!!! (Of course, it might help if I had more appropriate clothes for Scotland, I guess. I HAVE admitted this before . . . )

Let's face it, I really am NOT the most outdoorsy active type you're going to find . . .

Anyway, by the time I got home yesterday, I was unbelievably tired. I had a plan to get into bed and have a couple of glasses of wine, but I managed one then just felt like I was going to pass out. So off to sleep I went. (And then got up at six am to come to work and do overtime).

I wonder if tonight will be yet another early night . . .


  1. oh yeah, i know what its like to crash into bed super early. but i feel so glorious when i wake up the next morning!

  2. oh I like these team building activities, I am a sucker for them

  3. Hangman?? I love drunken randomness!!


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