Saturday, 7 March 2009


Sorry, that pesky thing called real life has been getting in the way of the blogosphere once again. I could count the number of blog posts I've read in the past few days on one hand . . . and still have fingers left over. And I've barely had a chance to pop by here! The last time I had a night in was Tuesday, I'm so tired!!! And today I'm off on a pub crawl of the pubs in the Finnieston area. Which should be interesting since it isn't an area of Glasgow I frequent drinking-wise very often. I'm looking forward to getting good and drunk.

Which sort of makes it sound like that ISN'T a regular occurrence, right???

Anyway, to say I'm sorry, I thought I would leave you with some more sketches from "Spoons", since watching the dvd really cheered me up earlier on in the week . . .


  1. Drunk? I hope you drink the better, play better. Happy weekend. Good luck.
    Health is the Greatest Happiness
    The World at The Present

  2. Drunk! well, if it makes you happy, and I don't know if it actually does, but keeps you entertained, then...enjoy! If I'm lucky I'll get the chance to see how it went via facebook :P Have fun!
    And the first video is really funny, and somehow disturbing :P

  3. lol is that title quoting tye from clueless?!?

  4. Very funny, actually needed that today.

  5. Haha I was just watching Clueless today! I totally laughed at your title.


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