Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Remember the swear-box??? And how funny I found it? (Especially since I wasn't taking part!)

It still has its moments of hilarity.

And in honour of Cheer-Me-Up Tuesday, rather than moaning about what I WANT to moan about, I'm going to post my favourite anecdote from the whole swear-box incident instead.

Last week, me and one of the flatmates contributing to the upkeep of the swear-box were in the kitchen. I was browsing my laptop, she was cleaning the room. (I suppose I should have felt guilty about that, but I was looking at some very interesting information online and couldn't really drag myself away from it). ANYWAY, as she cleaned the counter around the microwave, she came across fifty five pence worth of spare change. "Oooh," said she.

I wasn't paying much attention until she walked up to the swear-box, money in hand and examined the list underneath detailing the "cost" for use of each swear word.

"Shit," she enunciated, as if speaking to the box itself, and dropped 50p into the box.

She then selected a word worth 5p.

"Piss," she announced and charged herself the relevant amount.

Looking satisfied, she walked away and resumed her cleaning.

About five minutes later, she then did something that caused her to loudly, and entirely accidentally, swear.

At which point I was gutting myself with laughter and she was kicking herself that she now had to find her OWN money to fund her swearing habit.

Maybe you had to be there.

But it was bloody funny anyway . . .


  1. It is super funny indeed!!!!!! lol

  2. That. Is. Hilarious.

    And totally something I would do, if I ever subjected myself to a swear-box-type of challenge.

  3. Haha I love that she took the time to choose her words carefully before she spent the money on them...like she pondered which words would be the most satisfying to blurt out!

  4. No, that's still funny without needing to be there. Piss is worth just 5P, but shit is 50? Inflation, inflation.


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