Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I went out and got drunk last night. Thought it might cheer me up. I had a nice night, sure enough. I'm still depressed though. And I've spent the entire day feeling sick. The sort of horrid feeling that has you hanging out in the ladies', crouched over the toilet bowl, thinking there's every chance that you might puke. And kind of hoping that you DO, because at least if you DID puke, it might be out of your system and then you might feel a bit less crappy.

On top of that, I slept in today and had to get ready in a major hurry.

I got rained on during my walk to work.

My period started. That is my second one this month. I remember because on the 1st February I had nearly had someone stay over the night before and it had started in the early hours of the morning. I remember thinking the next day it was a good thing he hadn't stayed because I wouldn't have been much use. So my last one started on the 1st February, and this one started on the 25th. I'm used to my period being a bit fucked up, my cycle has always been more than a little all over the place, but the problem? I get my period pains AFTER it starts. Which means? I had the pukey feeling, splitting hangover headache AND the stomach cramps . . . all at the same time! That REALLY was unbearable.

My life still feels like a stupid soap opera. General office politics, dirty looks, unrequited crushes and so on and so forth . . . it's all in a day's episode in this world. And is completely unwatchable, even if there's nothing else on!

I can't eat meat today cos it's Ash Wednesday. Stupid Catholic thing. It's always been the story of my life that I generally want what I can't have. This means that suddenly I am craving meat like I am some sort of cannibal. I have been fantasising about lamb casserole. Spag bol. Chicken enchiladas.

Lasagne. A steak pie. Roll and sausage. Pork chops. My Weight Watchers chicken pizza.

I think I just drooled.

ANYWAY . . .

And to top it all off, me and my flatmate got seriously splashed by a car on the way home. Actually, we got seriously splashed by TWO cars!!! While we were still reeling in shock from the icy water that hit us the first time around, we were hit by the spray from the second car. (For some reason it reminded me of the episode of "Friends" where Ross gets a tan.) The weird thing? Normally if I was in a GOOD mood and this happened, I'd end up raging. But for some reason, the whole incident made me laugh. Odd, right?

So since i missed "Cheer Me Up Tuesday" what with all the being out and being drunk thing yesterday, I figured I'd temporarily uproot it and stick it in Wednesday instead. You already got the "Friends" link of course, but here's one more thing. An advert which is so stupid it makes me laugh. I just think the little kid is hilarious in it.

I soooo wish they would show a sequel to this advert. Where the little kid turns up at Paul's door and says "I'm here to do a poo!" It would freaking ROCK . . .


  1. Ugh. It seems like a bad luck streak to me. Don't worry, karma will pay you back with bonus points and good things will happen. You'll see.

  2. Awww - I hope this blip passes and you're feeling perky *soon* :s I'm trying to think of something cheering, but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe if I order you have to wine and chocolate, yes? And for you to watch a nice movie or read a fave book - lots of R&R, OK?! :0)

  3. hello

    yeah this commercial seriously lacks imagination but when it comes to stupidity, i think the perwoll commercials rule :)

    yay for people who carry huge bottles of softeners around.

  4. OMG thankgoodness I'm not the only who's cycle is effed up.

  5. OMG thankgoodness I'm not the only who's cycle is effed up.

  6. OMG thankgoodness I'm not the only who's cycle is effed up.

  7. I echo Knikki's sentiment! I swear whoever it was that told us cycles settle after 2-3 years and become regular was lying through their teeth!

  8. cramps suck...have you ever had contraceptive pills? they pretty much make your cycle regular, so that you don't have Aunt Rosie's visit twice a month..they reduce cramps and stuff too.

  9. dayemn girly you seem to have a bad day

  10. Omg, cramps and a hangover?! I hope you're feeling better!

  11. I love that episode of Friends! Sorry to hear you're kind of bummed. It does seem when it rains it pours...and then you get splashed on top of that. :)

  12. Ugh...things can only get better...can't they?! ;o) Hang in there girl!

  13. heya, have you seen the dr about your strange periods? They could mebe recommened a contraception to get things in check x


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