Saturday, 7 February 2009


I've had a pretty damn busy few days once again. I haven't seen TV in about four days and almost forgot what my room looks like as all I've been doing in it is sleeping! And I feel like all I've been doing, apart from working of course, is eating and drinking!!! On Wednesday I was at TGI's with my siblings - where I ate three courses and pretty much cleared my plate. On Thursday we went to Brodies where I also ate three courses. Last night it was Wagamama (only two courses - I'm slipping!) followed by karaoke at the Crosslands.

Tonight we're hitting Ashton Lane in Glasgow's west end for my flatmate's birthday . . . which means even MORE drink! I am sooo healthy. And do you know what I had for breakfast? A cupcake!!! Which was obviously a very nice meal to have but let's face it, it's not exactly diet-friendly.

Then again, has ANY of what I've eaten recently been diet-friendly? My mind flashes back to lunchtime yesterday when I had a packet of crisps and a packet of skittles for lunch. Although do skittles count towards one of my five-a-day? (I doubt it somehow . . . )

Once again, I'm way behind on my blog reading so I guess I'll be playing catch-up tomorrow as most of today will be taken up by me trying to finish my flatmate's birthday present, getting myself ready for tonight (hair, make-up, fake tan, the usual!) . . . oh, and trying to work out this bloody new phone of mine!

In the meantime, I leave you with a song done at karaoke last night - not by me! I didn't participate, although M did - and one which I had forgotten about, but I love the twist at the end of it. :)

Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. Fatty Fat pants eating all of that food :D

  2. Good Lord child, seems like you have been busy! I bet it hits you like a tonne of bricks next week though - all that partying is going to come back to haunt you at some stage!

  3. Damn you're busy! Well, I don't think being busy is bad though, sometimes it helps you avoid thinking stupid stuff, idk.
    Have fun tonight :)

  4. Wow. I can think of nothing better than a cupcake for breakfast. Nothing wrong with that!

    -Miss Em x

  5. Wow! That's a lot of food!! But also, a lot of FUN!

    I'm glad :D

  6. woot is that comment above all about?? haha!

    anyhoo.. glad you've been having fun girly!! Tiz what its about about!! xx

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