Monday, 2 February 2009


After the success of my previous spam related post, and because I've received even more wackily-titled spam since, I decided it was time to post another. Since my last post on the subject, what other oddities have flown into my spam filter? Let's find out . . .

Always rigid and incredibly hard (I'm sure this might be embarrassing at certain points in life. Like, for example, walking down the street wearing tight trousers?)

So big I always make her gag (yep, THAT'S sexy alright . . .)

She'll be instantly wet once she sees this (what? this email? come on, I think that's highly unlikely.)

Wanna be good looking in two weeks? (wow, I didn't realise you could get such a thing as excessive amounts of plastic surgery with a recovery time of less than two weeks. That is incredible! Or is this also just to do with the size of one's knob?)

She'll invite you between her legs (an invitation to the pants party?)

She'll leave you if you do not satisfy her (invitation to the pants party withdrawn . . .)

Hey, are you the guy who cannot make love? (shit, someone is spying on me. AND thinks I'm a guy. Perhaps this is the problem?)

So wet she was almost raining (I think I shall stay out of the rain in that case . . .)

That's all for now! (Sorry, I'm being lazy and need to finish doing some stuff!)


  1. hahahah! love the last one!!

    looks like rain? hmm LOL

  2. lol! awesome :D I needed to laugh, thanks Paula!

  3. I don't get spam - I think I'm glad!

    I'm always intrigued to know who clicks on these. You'd assume they wouldn't bother sending them unless there's some people interested, but who are these people!?

  4. totally making me feel better that I'm not the only one who gets these!

  5. Your spam makes my spam look like a hallmark card.

  6. I love your spam posts. And pants parties.

  7. So wet she was almost raining

    I don't know if you left the best for the end on porpuso, but that one is just great.

  8. I am jealous I don't get truly funny spam like this...mine is boring crap about credit and foreclosure occasional Viagra one isn't even amusing...

  9. I always delete my spam, but this gives me reason to read it!!

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