Saturday, 14 February 2009


I know most of the time I'm not the most mature of people; considering I'll be hitting the big 3-0 later this year, I certainly don't act like I'm that close to it. But sometimes really annoying people really bring out the immaturity in me.

Generally this is because they are being unbelievably immature themselves.

For example, today. I was sitting on a train into Glasgow Central from Croftfoot (not a regular journey for me, I was staying over there last night though) and after we had went by a few stops, two girls got on. Very noisily. You know sometimes you see someone and instantly KNOW they will be annoying? Yeah, that was those two. I saw them rush past the window to board the train and sensed it straight away. Did this mean I had a pre-conceived opinion of them? But of course. They lived up to it though!

So they sat down on the set of four seats just along from us and the first thing they did???


So . . . Glasgow in February. On a train. With the window open.

Instantly I was like "What the fuck?" But what can you do? You could say something but I've never been good at confrontation. I said to my travelling companion how I would love to be the sort of person who just stood up, walked over and pushed the window shut again. I prayed that someone ELSE would say something. But oh no, all was quiet. Apart from those two, who on top of making the whole train carriage fricking cold, were also talking unnecessarily loudly.

We settled for constantly referring to one another about how cold we were, and how it was actually colder inside the TRAIN thanks to the draught than it had been outside (totally true!) They caught us, on several occasions, GLARING at the open window. Did they do anything? Did they even REACT??? Oh no, in that typical "we only care about ourselves" way, they didn't even seem to NOTICE.

To add insult to injury? The ticket guy (who had been up to us asking for our tickets within about two minutes of us sitting down on the train) walked past them TWICE without even checking to see if they had a ticket. And I would hazard a guess that they didn't already have one before they boarded. Arses.

Anyway, as we left the train (they never shut the window at that point either. And why would they? They clearly didn't care about anyone else.) I found my bitchiness coming out in one big explosion as we walked behind them and I mocked everything about them, from the stupid way they walked to the stupid clothes they were wearing. Seriously, they were first-class messes but . . . they were only about 13 - just about the sort of age where you start being allowed going into Glasgow on the train themselves. So there I was, at least twice their age, regressing back to their age.

I should feel ashamed about that I guess. But you know something? I don't. Sometimes it's fun not to act my age.

And they fucking deserved the slagging anyway!!!

Now I realise that this is probably the wrong day for all this rage, I should be all "peace and love and Happy Valentines Day and all that". But then again, why SHOULD I? I'm alone on Valentines Day! (I've never liked Valentines Day ANYWAY - more on that tomorrow probably, although once it's over, I might not feel the need to rant anymore - but being alone on it sucks even more). AND on top of that my little sis is off to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands tomorrow (which is like my favourite place in the world!) so I am unbelievably jealous about that too.

I attempted some retail therapy to cheer myself out of this funk earlier though. So I purchased this and this! I also got an awesome ice-cream cone necklace from Accessorize but I couldn't find a link to that. Anyway, by the time I got home, accompanied by wine, I did feel slightly better. Now I'm having a film-fest and planning to eat some of my flatmate's Valentines meal. (It's okay - she offered!) So far, I've watched "Clueless" (which, as you probably know, is my all-time favourite film!) and now I'm onto "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion". Freaking hilarious movie! I think "27 Dresses" might be next on the agenda.

So I guess that I'll wish those of you IN relationships a nice Valentines Day with your significant others, and those who aren't . . . I hope you have awesome plans, or are just going to enjoy being a couch potato like myself!


  1. After reading your comment on my blog, I thought I'd pop over here and lower the tone of your blog! ;p

    Typical teengage behaviour. Yuck. At least they didn't get out their phones and have a tinny-sounding mini-rave on the train (what is with that?!) ...

    Clueless ♥♥♥ Enjoy the rest of your film-fest - I'm toying with watching Romeo and Juliet or Moulin Rouge tonight (no happy endings with those films!!). Here's to vegging and films! :0)

  2. I absolutely hate people like that, i dont care how old they are! Rude is rude, whether your 10, 20 or 99.

    Oh, and yep, another single on valentines day here. My sister and i got some fast food ( because hey, as if we're going to cook for ourselves on Valentines Day ) and then watched " Enchanted ", to remind ourselves true love does ( apparently ) exist.

    Somewhere. For some people...

  3. They sound like they need a good ass whooping.

    OH yes, Romie and Michele's High School Reunion is awesome. My favorite line is when Romie and Michele are talking about their fake jobs and they say they invented post its and Romie's like "yeah, michele. You thought about making them yellow."

    Oh, one more thing. I know you sometimes you blog about losing weight and getting healthier and I've been trying to do the same as you know.. But guess what? I've lost 8 pounds and I feel absolutely amazing. I haven't been dieting either or over exercising. I've been using these products that my neighbor recommended. They're called Shaklee. I use the Vivix for my skin and the Cinch for weight. The products are actually so good that I actually went into business with the company and have my own website with them. (How sweet is that?) It's Definitely give them a try when you've got the chance. You'll love it.

    You might even get a good blog post about it. LOL

  4. I know those teenager type. There are about a million over here in the States.

    Cute blouses. I LOVE the blue one. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


  5. Eugh, I hate young smartarses. Here the windows don't open on trains, so they play music outloud through their phones and talk as loudly as they can about getting drunk and hooking up.

    Drives me mental.

    I love Clueless.

  6. I was on a plane the other day, and this group of 20somethings decided that they couldn't bear to be separated, so they'd all hang out together-- which meant like four people in the aisle, one of them with their ass mere inches from my friend's faces. And they did this for an hour and a half, despite the fact that people had to climb all over them to get to the washroom. I wish I had the guts to confront, but I could only talk in loud passive aggressive tones ("boy, it is nice when people respect your personal bubble!").

  7. Single valentine's day here too...I'm being a mouse potato, as usual, though.

  8. well im glad you made the best out of the day and enjoyed some movies :)

    tut tut to teenagers! how inconsiderate huh!? xx

  9. Argh. I wonder if I was one of those teenagers. I hope not. because I don't like being annoying.

    Glad your VD was a good one! ;)

  10. I Love both of those tops! So cute! Well shopped!


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