Thursday, 5 February 2009


Kasia of Clockwork Orange tagged me to do the six random things meme and I thought well, why not? You can never have too many random things, I have no inspiration, and I've been out and got thoroughly drunk mainly as a result of the usual work shit, so can't think of anything I could post about. Six random things are probably easier so here goes . . .

1) I HATE word verifications because I never get them right first time. But I just got the best one ever on Kasia's blog post - "sifilis". Obviously not spelt right (word verifications aren't really meant to be real words) but still damn funny.

2) I've never particularly liked scottish cuisine but went to a restaurant tonight which served nachos with haggis AND chicken and black pudding stovies . . . and I loved it! Just proves sometimes you can't say you don't like something until you try it.

3) I'm slightly scared of my new blackberry phone and can't work out how to use it. This may be due to drunkenness but I'm not completely sure.

4) Like Kasia, I'm very short sighted but don't really notice due to my contacts. Weirdly though, despite the fact I've been wearing them for fifteen plus years, I'm still squeamish about things touching my eyes . . .

5) I often buy clothes without trying them on, because I'm lazy that way. BUT if they don't fit me, I don't take them back. I just chuck them in the back of my cupboard.

6) I rarely feel good enough at anything. In relationships, friendships and especially work! It doesn't matter how hard I try. I just don't. I think that depresses me more than anything.

Not tagging anyone, but feel free to do it!


  1. I tried on a shirt today before work that I bought without trying on a few weeks back and not only does it not fit but the colours are all wrong for me. Clothes swap?

  2. Have more confidence! You're amazing!

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