Friday, 20 February 2009


I've never been a particularly fussy eater. I like most stuff, to be honest. I'm the ideal dinner party guest . . . well, with the exception of me being likely to SAY something stupid of course. But the other day someone mentioned to me they thought it was odd I liked tomatoes but loathe tomato ketchup. I didn't think it was particularly weird and I'm not the only one who agreed with MY opinion. I also know some people (my dad, for example) likes ketchup but NOT tomatoes. So it goes both ways.

Anyway, the conversation made me think about what I actually like and dislike in general when it comes to food. And I guess my preferences ARE a bit odd at times . . .

  • I like tomato (as I said) but I hate it on sandwiches
  • I also don't like COOKED tomatoes
  • I love sweetcorn by itself but tuna and sweetcorn makes me feel decidedly ill - just the very THOUGHT of it . . .
  • I like meat but don't like it on pizza
  • I like raisins but not IN things, like Cadbury's Fruit n Nut, for example. Or in scones or pancakes. Yuck. I have to pick them out before I can eat them. The exception? Fruit cake. If it DOESN'T have raisins in it, it's weird . . .
  • I adore raw carrots but once cooked they are just disgusting
  • I NEVER put salt on food. It wasn't even a conscious thing, I just stopped doing it one day. Now if something is too salty, I majorly notice.
  • People say different types of pasta tastes the same, it's just different shapes. I don't believe this. I only really like spaghetti or macaroni. I dislike pasta shells and penne pasta. I don't think it tastes as nice.
  • I hate bananas and all banana flavoured stuff. I had banana flavoured medicine when I was a kid and was sick everytime I had it. And my holiday in Gran Canaria last year was almost spoiled by the fact that at dinner, the bowl labelled "custard" always lied and had some sort of banana mousse in it. Revolting!
  • I like to eat uncooked pasta straight out of the packet. Also noodles.

And I'm sure there are plenty more weird things in there, I just can't think of them right now.

Anyone care to share their strange food fads or habits? I'd love to know . . . :)

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  1. I agree about not having tomatoes in sandwiches! It's wrong. I don't even like them in salad that much. BUT I do love cherry tomatoes.

    I am the opposite with salt...I never used to use it, until I lived with my boyfriend, and he puts it on everything, so now I do too...strange!

  2. you eat fruitcake? who eats fruitcake????


  3. you eat fruitcake? who eats fruitcake????


  4. Hmmm... I hate tomatoes but love tomato soup and ketchup... but the soup has to be store brand, and the ketchup has to be Heinz.

  5. I love tomatoes, but they don't love me. Most forms of tomato sauce or paste are like eating fire for me. Once in a while a raw slice on a sandwich (yum), but usually no ketchup. Same is true for bananas.

    Anything else I like and usually in any combination. And carrots are good either raw or cooked.

    As my grandfather used to say, it all mixes up once you chew it anyway. {*grin*}

  6. I like this post!
    I hate tomatoes but I love sauce, does that make sense?
    I HATE raisins, alone or with chocolate or anything, ewww.
    I LOVE eating ramen directly from the package before throwing them into boiling water, they seem to be somehow already cooked, otherwise it would definitely take more than three minutes to cook them, right?

  7. The pasta shapes thing is strange in my opinion, but my Dad also only eats stringy pasta such as spaghetti or tagliatelle.

    I think it all tastes the same.

  8. um, i enjoy herb and garlic cream cheese on blueberry eggos (waffles)

  9. I hate to say this Paula.... but you're so weird.

    I dont think i have any food habits that i would consider strange, but if i think of any i'll be sure to let you know...

  10. I like bananas but not banana flavour stuff. I too used to have that medicine and my Mum had to sit on my and force my mouth closed to get me to take it!!


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