Saturday, 21 February 2009


Last week, a couple of my colleagues got to talking about the Scatman. Do you remember the Scatman???

I've not been able to imbed the stupid video ( why do people disable the embedding feature on youtube? I mean, it's free advertising for a song!) but go here for the vid.

It got me thinking about my nineties themed bar idea again. Because obviously since that is a song for the nineties, it would fit in well at the bar! I think it would be a pretty well received song in one of those it's-so-bad-it's-GOOD kinda ways . . .

So I decided to check out some other songs for the "bar" . . .

Some Ace of Base, perhaps?

Or how about some Haddaway??? Man, I used to LOVE this song . . .

Or that classic dance tune, "Mr Vain" by Culture Beat?

Or "I Like To Move It" by Reel 2 Real. That was a REAL grower . . .

And on a non-dance related subject, how about this to slow it down a little?

One song I probably WOULDN'T let in the door though? This one by Shampoo! (Despite the fact me and a girl I went to school with dressed up as them for a Hallowe'en part in 1995. Let's just say, we were short of inspiration . . . )

UPDATE: I just happened across this song by PJ and Duncan on 4Music and had to add it to my playlist because it may be cheesy but it's a classic! And back then we never thought Ant & Dec would become the British institution they are now. Heck, they were in "Love Actually" and everything . . .

What song would YOU like to be played in my bar???


  1. I don't know - I think you should visit my 60's-70's bar. But if we are stuck in the 90's, how about:

    Shoop - Salt N Pepa
    but my fave of the period has to be
    Love Shack - B52's

  2. Top Gun soundtrack would be fine :)
    Or Batman?

  3. I would sooo be at that bar! Can we slow dance to Lisa Loeb? x

  4. Cool, how is it possible that I remember most of those songs? Awesome..I'd like your bar, PP :p
    Can you play "COCO JAMBO" ? I'd like to see others dancing that :P

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only blogger who mentioned Ace of Base this week. I feel cooler now. Nice videos.

  6. Some fabbity choices there, but you need some Brit Pop in there too (although I suppose they wouldn't be *that* dancey)!

  7. haha love it, the 90's were fabulous!


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