Saturday, 24 January 2009


The stuff I like/am looking forward to right now and the stuff I'm NOT liking so much.

Let's begin with the positives, shall we???
  • the whole weekend is spread out in front of me. And I have some fab plans lined up as well as hopefully getting some work done on my latest "project".
  • since I now have completed my eighteen month contract on my phone, I figure I can now get an upgrade on my phone. I'll miss my LG Prada but it's always nice to have a new handset to play with, right???
  • I'm already looking forward to going to Rhodes, even though it's not until May.
  • I'll HOPEFULLY be getting away somewhere in late July soon. Benidorm? Ibiza? Costa del Sol? Details provided as and when available. ;)
  • My old flatmate A and her boyfriend are coming over from Northern Ireland the weekend after next.
  • It will also be my flatmate's 26th birthday celebrations that same weekend. Woohoo!
  • A (belated) Australia Day party next weekend (I know I'M not Australian but the girl hosting it is, so it's okay!)
  • My knee appears to have rapidly recovered from its little inury on Tuesday so I've been able to do my exercises! Just have to be a bit more careful now. Those lunges can be bloody killers!

And as for the things that are annoying me?

  • Having to wait to make decisions through no fault of my own (or the other person, for that matter!) I feel very impatient recently for some reason.
  • Winter. I don't have motivation to do ANYTHING when it's consistently cold and/or icy and/or wet. It's just a total BUGGER.
  • Jennifer Aniston. I realise I don't know her personally. And I used to feel so sorry for her. Man, having to see your ex walking about with another woman and having it plastered all over the paper?? I dread the idea of running into MY ex with whoever he is seeing now in the street, but at least I don't need to "read all about it" and then possibly run into them at a premiere with all eyes of the world upon the encounter. But the whole thing with John Mayer is now starting to piss me off. The guy is a LOSER, Jen. Even if you ARE stupid enough to get married to him, it's not going to last. He is a serial womaniser. And a selfish fuck. And I don't see you changing him. Sorry!
  • The fact I'm not losing weight as quickly as I wish I could. (Mind you, it might help if I stopped EATING for a change!)
  • Work. Still. I realised the other day when someone said to me I seemed to not mind my job that I actually DON'T. It's the way I'm treated that pisses me off. I just wish people would appreciate that I am a good worker and try so hard but instead I'm always treated as second best - and even THAT'S if I'm lucky. Sometimes I do wonder if I'm being goaded into quitting. Possibly. Nothing would surprise me anymore.
  • Wondering how I can afford to get away on holiday on a few occasions this year. My money situation isn't particularly brilliant at the moment, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anything you are looking forward to, or are pissed off about right now? Feel free to share . . .


  1. The latest "project" sounds intriguing and it's definitely nice to have a new handset. If you don't trade-in your phone through your network, have a look at - you might get some money back (my old phone was worth £3 - LOL - but newer models are worth more).

    Are you still looking for a new job, or not? As for the weather, it makes me want to hibernate under the duvet. Ick.

    As for what I'm looking forward to, I'm also looking forward to a holiday (sunshine!!!) and starting my new job (geek!). I don't think I'm peeved with anything though, for once!

    Have a fabbity weekend!

  2. Hey I know that feeling about the new phone. Cant wait to change mine. 18 months is waaay too long. Looking forward to the Summer, tired of being cold. And tired of January...I need to be paid.

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  4. I used to have such a crush on John Mayer in high school. And then I found out what a creep he actually is!

  5. Australia Day.... woohoo! My wish for you now is that your Australian host provides you with either lamingtons, pavlova or some Vegemite on toast.

    Mmm, vegemite...

  6. I'm looking forward to: moving on Thursday
    I'm annoyed about: the fact that I CAN'T STOP EATING and have to be a bridesmaid in 7 months time!

  7. Totally agree on Jen. She must be at rock bottom tho. I do wish she'd try to date a non-celebrity. You know. Someone who's successful but not famous. Someone down to earth that doesn't have women throwing themselves at him all the time (or vice versa).

    As far as what I'm looking forward to - I can't wait for spring break. Some friends and I are going down to Key West. And then I'm really looking forward to going to Mexico over the summer.

    As far as downers go, Ummm.... idk. Not making enough money to keep afloat. LOL

  8. I love "friends" to the core of my heart and share the same love as you when it comes to that show, I love Rachel but I cannot for the life of me stand Jennifer Aniston.


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