Monday, 19 January 2009


My annoying flatmate was being very loud last night, as was her equally annoying boyfriend (Mr Toilet Seat). They were in the other kitchen, which is at the other end of our flat, but no matter where I was, I could hear them. She apparently has guests staying with her, because I heard her saying to them they could come and go as they pleased!!! (Seriously, the girl clearly thinks she lives in a flat herself and therefore doesn't HAVE to have consideration for others!)

When I mentioned to my GOOD flatmates how loud she had been, one of them said "It's probably her getting revenge for Saturday night. You and M WERE very loud."

I suppose we were, in retrospect. Dancing around the room to Lady Gaga on freeview. Singing loudly along with every music video we knew. AND playing Guitar Hero . . . without the game OR the guitar!

You think it isn't possible? Oh it is. You know how people put their own performances of Guitar Hero on youtube? I'm not talking about my own performance, I mean more like this kind of thing below . . .

. . . So I'm standing there, playing an imaginary guitar along with this sort of music, pretending to make my fingers move along with the colours on the screen . . . and M is applauding me telling me how well I'm doing. And everytime the person playing the game cocked it up, I would scornfully say something like "Man, I would NEVER do that, I've got a million note streak!" and continue to play my invisible guitar and pretend to be a rock star.

Isn't it strange the things you find funny when you're drunk?

Anyway, yes, probably we DID piss annoying flatmate off. But then is that any more annoying than me trying to sleep on friday night and having her and her man chat really loudly through the wall and keep me awake? Or the fact she never seems to switch her alarm clock off, even when she's not in the flat? Or her man's toilet seat foibles? Like I said to my nicer flatmates, I don't think it was so much payback as simply the fact she's seemingly incapable of turning her volume button down.

If only I could find a remote control that worked.

An invisible one perhaps???


  1. Oh that is so funny! I totally know what you mean about finding things funnier when drunk (and often things that aren't funny at all) hehe. :)

  2. Is it wrong I saw the 8 minuts without being able t close my mouth of the amazemenet?

  3. That reminds me - I still need to get GH! However, my Wii interest has sort of waned ... oh dear!

    I *hate* inconsiderate flatmates - I feel for you! But, I don't know why they can't build places with thicker walls - that would be a blessed relief not to involuntarily hear things you'd rather not hear!! :s

  4. That's still pretty funny.

    And I'm 100% sober

  5. That really is you at youtube :P I'm sorry I felt tempted and left a comment there, lol! You're good indeed! btw, did u like the pic I sent?

  6. But at least it sounds like you were loud because you were having fun, and they were loud because they're annoying. That's DIFFERENT!

  7. Happy new Obama,
    He has to see this

    He has to see Holocaust survivors

    We will not go down without a fight

  8. Augh, nothing worse than a loud/annoying roommate!!


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