Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I've blogged about spam before, but I feel like another post is due on the subject - as my spam mail has been getting beyond a joke recently.

Not only is it more frequent than ever, but the titles seem to be getting weirder and weirder. And, on top of that, the spam mail is somehow coming from myself now! So it has my email address as the sender . . . and once when I was out of office, I got an out-of-office reply to myself in response to a spam mail. I felt like saying "but I never sent it!" . . . but what would be the point, cos that's my own email address so I'd be saying it to myself!!!

I know, that was quite confusing, right???

Anyway, here's some of the more choice spam email titles I have received recently . . .

Your big proud friend in the pants will overshadow the Empire State Building (one word - OUCH!)

Too bad you can't wear a watch on your legs (er - why would we WANT to???)

You feel like you are tied when you have a little pride (I'm assuming this is also something to do with the size of your cock - or possibly your watch? - but I really don't have a clue!)

You can have a romantic evening with candles, but even the candles will be bigger than your tool (perhaps they're extra big candles?)

Women hate men with small equipment (now that's fairly blunt, I have to say. Maybe you should think of a slightly less harsh way of marketing this one?)

Forget the V when you have this (what is "this" exactly? A naked woman perhaps???)

She'll eat you all day (em - no thanks, I'm not that way inclined . . . )

Specially delivered naked (this makes me think I'm going to receive a nudist in the post. Which scares me somewhat)

We are in charge of making him large (the person who came up with this one may have a future in greetings cards. No????)

I saw Angelina endorse this (What? Brad's sperm? Well, it certainly seems to be effective . . .)

You don't need to own a castle to feel like a King (well - duh! all you need is a CROWN!)

Turn the worm in your pants into a python (to be perfectly honest, if there's a worm in your pants, maybe you should be taking some sort of antibiotics. Just a thought . . .)

Anyway, that's all I have for now, and I'm due out for dinner shortly so this counts as a post AND a Cheer-me-Up-Tuesday. Oh, and to warn you? I will more than likely be breaking my drinking pact tonight. I think a week and a day is pretty damn good for me anyway!


  1. Hahaha! You know, I usually just delete my spam w/o looking at the titles but now that I see some of the hilarious ones I've been missing out on, I may have to reconsider.

  2. Your spam has much more interesting titles than mine. Mine is mostly misspelled words and Russian language (it gets by the filters since mine parse in English)

    But at least I can offer "Couch Potatoes: Blanket with Sleeves" so you can be comfy whilst reading your interesting titles.

  3. Wow, those are inventive. I'm getting the ones that look like they're from me too. Lately I'm getting several that are like, "Hey, remember when we talked about watches?" Um, no. I think I'd remember that.

  4. Wow...they all seem porn :P

  5. haha! that last one about the worm is great (in terms of spam!). i had to make a new account last year because i would get close to 50 spam messages a day. i still have the old account for a few things, but my spam folder is pretty much out of control.

  6. Hahahahahaha... The first one, that one can't be topped. I'm sorry, but it just CAN'T.

  7. I get spam from 'myself' too - I wonder how they do it!

  8. Lol.. this was a great idea.. The spam is just out of control!

  9. I say we start wearing watches on our legs, just to show those spammer we can!!

  10. I get spam from myself now, on all my email accounts. Very annoying. I do not get the point of spam, unless it is to drive you nuts, and then it's definitely working.

  11. haha ahh hysterical! but i hope you get the strange spam thing sorted out!

  12. I'm getting the subtle hint that size matters to spammers? Just a hunch.

  13. I am really, really starting to miss the days of real mail. Doesn't alway feel so awesome get an actual letter in the mail.

  14. I loved your comments!

    I never figured out how I could send spam to myself, or how someone else could....


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