Saturday, 3 January 2009


I didn't actually intend to watch Celebrity Big Brother this year. First of all, I knew they probably wouldn't be able to top the "racism row" (which was not so much racism to me as just bitchy bullying) from two years ago (which resulted in the show not happening last year). And secondly, the celebrities tend to be . . . well, in the z-list. In fact, three years ago, in a twist on the whole concept, they threw a non-celebrity in to the mix. And she ended up winning. Which really made a mockery of the whole thing.

Anyway, i decided to watch the opening show just to see who was in it. And now I kind of want to watch it this year . . . Here are my thoughts on the line-up. So far . . .

They had Jermaine on it a couple of years back - now it's Latoya's turn. She seems like a nice enough woman so far, who claims to not enjoy confrontation. It should be interesting to see if she lives up to this or ends up right in the middle of conflict. When everyone walked in, I wasn't sure if most of the British "celebrity" contingent recognised her. Although I WAS kinda expecting people to perhaps mistake her for Michael. (They DO look very similar, after all...)

Former singer with the Sugababes with a bit of a reputation for having an attitude, I'll be interested to see if she proves us wrong and turns out to be quite nice. In my head, she'll always be "Munter" though.

Yes, Mini-Me is on the show! So far is coming across as very polite and actually quite quiet, which I didn't expect him to be at all. I think he also captured the nations hearts when he could barely manage the walk into the house, having to pause to take a rest and barely able to carry his own bag. Has already done some drunk driving - zooming around on his scooter while clasping a glass of champers . . .

A fellow countryman of mine and probably the one person most of the other celebrities didn't recognise, Tommy is a bit of a left wing politician who I do have a bit of respect for because he actually takes a stand unlike a lot of other politicians, and has spent time in jail as a result. That being said, he has also been charged with perjury in an ongoing case so I can't have THAT much respect for him. Anyway, I'm hoping he doesn't do the typical Big Brother thing of making the Scots look bad. And doesn't make the fool of himself that fellow politican George Galloway did when HE was in Big Brother.

I only recognise this girl because I quite like reading lad's mags like Nuts and Zoo. (One of the main reasons I miss having a boyfriend). She's a glamour model. Although apparently she's quite intelligent too - if she says so herself! She also claimed to be a bit of a Tory and that the last thing she wanted was to be in the house with a liberal. I'm wondering if she and Tommy might clash . . .

Actress in "Shameless". Larger than life. Looks like she could be a bit of a handful. If I was in the house, I'd be a bit afraid of her. Not least because I think she might sit on me and squash me. That being said, she looks like she might be softer underneath than her hard exterior implies.

Formerly of British boyband A1, who I'm slightly ashamed to admit I kinda liked for a while (especially this song). Although he did have a very short solo career. I actually really liked the solo song he brought out, but perhaps I'm a bit biased by his utter cuteness. He seems like a nice guy. Once again, I may be biased by the cuteness. I do have a tendency to be a sucker for a pretty face.

Lost out on a place in Popstars band Hear'Say but ended up in the far more successful band formed from the rejects Liberty X. I've never liked her much. Mainly because she's a bit tango-ed looking and always seems to be in magazines for the wrong reasons. She didn't really look like she'd bothered to wash her hair for the show tonight. But I'm prepared to give her a chance. (I know, it's very big of me...)

He believes he can win. Losing? Not an option for him. Oh, and his favourite song ever? Apparently it's "Gangsta's Paradise." Yes, his own song. I'm guessing "modest" isn't a word in his vocabulary either. That being said, I think he may provide some humour in the house. Although perhaps not on purpose.

Former presenter of "The Word". I seem to recall I quite fancied him back then. Not anymore, I hasten to add. Seems quite opinionated, but likeable at the same time.

TV presenter and former weather girl. Although she summed up various other reasons why she was famous in her own words in her introductory video. Had a well-publicised affair with former England football manager Sven Goran Ericsson. Has four children by four different fathers. Need I go on? I'm thinking she could be the one to have a breakdown this time around. Not that I am HOPING for that, of course. Although it would make good telly . . .

So at the moment, it looks like Mini-Me - I mean, VERNE - is the favourite to win, but obviously it's early days. I'll definitely be watching for at least the first few days of it anyway. It's not like I have anything better to do with my time after all!!!


  1. I didn't actually intend to watch Celebrity Big Brother this year.

    Neither did I until somebody influenced me via Twitter! :p I have to say though, it looks watchable (for once).

    As for my views, I ♥♥♥ Mini-Me! I also ♥ Tommy's accent! Ben is def. cute (although not as lovely as Mr Whitehall on Big Mouth ;p) and I've never heard of Terry Christian or Lucy Pinder. Seems like an interesting mix - I think the pop/model girls will have some drama with one other.

    Hopefully, it will be interesting viewing!

  2. That's the line-up? Coolio is the biggest star? You're right about Z-List. Do keep us updated.

  3. I don't know any of them, just Coolio, and I just know Gangsta's I live in a tupperware or are these "celebrities" not that famous?

  4. I quite like the line up. I thin they have chosen people who will be recognised more by their main audience - peeps in their 20's and early 30's.

    Most of them are from the 90's and you have to love the 90's! I wasnt a huge fan of A1 at the time but do remember them! Lets just say he looks better with age phwoar!

  5. Wow, I didn't even know celebrity big brother was on. I am so behind!

  6. oh my gosh I want to watch this now. Latoya, Mini-me and coolio under one roof....oh thats just too good to be true. Ben Adams, I met him last month under battle of the bands, very nice lad indeed, did not care too much about a1 though.

  7. I saw Verne on the Surreal Life, he's quite the character. His libido is crazy high...

  8. Ohhhh I am gonna have to start watching!!! I am sucker for ridiculous celeb reality!! haha!

    thanks for catching me up!

  9. Latoya - looks constantly petrified at everything, she's like a 12 year old who's never been out of the house
    Verne - is going to get pissed off with people treating him like a kid
    Michelle - would look pretty without the fake tan
    Terry - I think he's coming across as a bit of a tit
    Lucy Pinder - actually very pretty
    Ulrika - what's with her puffy face?
    Coolio - he's so 'real' that he can't see he's being a tit

    The others haven't had much of an impact on me!


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