Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Murphy's Law states "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

When it comes to exercise and fitness, it seems to fit my purposes extremely well.

You see, I'm not particularly fit and healthy. You may know this already. I also like to eat junk a lot. Despite this, I'm lucky enough to be fairly in shape (I use the word "fairly" in the broadest sense of the word, mind you). But I do go through phases where I WANT to lose some weight and tone up.

But anytime I manage to force myself to exercise regularly for a week or two and finally start to get into a routine, something is always destined to go wrong.

Like back when I used to go to the gym (yes, I think I've FINALLY officially quit now - well, I've stopped giving my sister money for my half of the joint membership anyway!) I would always end up pulling some random muscle around about my stomach on the treadmill. I could never understand why but it meant I couldn't run on the treadmill for weeks at a time because it bloody HURT! And that was one of the few machines in the gym I could be bothered to use.

Or the time where I had REALLY got into a routine and had been going three or four times a week for at least three or four weeks (this is a big deal for me, believe me!), I then came down with a really bad cold that fucked up my throat and came with a built-in great stomach workout due to all the coughing. I was going to keep going through the pain and illness but was warned against it - quite rightly, I suppose. Once again, I fell back out of the habit of going and couldn't get motivated again for ages!

Or when me and my flatmate started running last year. We'd just got to the stage of quite WANTING to do it on a regular basis when, of course, the ice made an appearance. Yeah, running on ice? Not fun.

Which leads us onto tonight . . . I had found a great exercise dvd a couple of weeks ago that I was really enjoying using, with two different workouts - one aerobic and one involving weights. I had bought dumbbells and everything, I had done it perhaps eleven days out of the past fourteen so for me, this was me really getting somewhere. I even woke up this morning and actually already felt a bit more toned - whether that was just sheer rose-coloured optimism or not, I don't know but I always think if you FEEL a difference, no matter how small, it can help to motivate you. I even did SIT UPS after I got out of bed, and rushed home tonight, planning to do BOTH workouts on the dvd. THAT'S how motivated I felt . . .

. . . Then proceeded to fuck up my knee during a lunge in the aerobics section about ten minutes into the workout.

I can walk on it fine, but squatting and lunging and jumping on it? Out of the question. I'm really hoping it's just a temporary thing and if I ice it and stuff it's going to feel better tomorrow but I'm not particularly hopeful. I'm disappointed. But not really surprised. Because when it comes to exercise and me, anything that can go wrong, truly will go wrong.

Next time i manage to get into a regular routine, I wonder what will throw me off. A broken arm perhaps???

If that happens, I really will be fucking RAGING!!!


  1. Did you do any cardio warm up before your dvd ? Its kind of easy to pull a muscle or something like if you start working with cold muscles.

    Fingers crossed you keep on your fitness kick!

  2. Hahaha... Yes, injuries are BAD for constancy... Tell ME about it... I put on 15 pounds after I stopped ballet and running... And they're still there!

  3. i don't have problems with injuries, i have problems with old men telling me "you're doing it wrong!" and then proceeding to try and show me how to do it. so annoying. i have a fractured tailbone from when i was younger that never healed properly and an extreme curvature of the back, so when i do some exercises, i do them so that i don't hurt myself.

    grr to old men and their self-righteous know-it-all ways.

  4. All of this clearly shows that exercise is evil and to be avoided.

  5. Once you get out of a routine it is SO HARD to get back in the groove. I think you get credit for trying! :)

  6. Once you get out of a routine it is SO HARD to get back in the groove. I think you get credit for trying! :)

  7. lol :o) I have this cool stretch and tone video which I use to do about 4 times a week. Was so cool.. though havent used it for like 3 yrs now o.O

    hope your knee is better soon x

  8. Oh Dear :(
    Its good that you're trying, and have been for so long!

  9. awe, sorry for your setback, but that's all it is, a setback. NOT exercising will only make you lose muscle and that will be worse in the long run for things like your knees. Rest and ice will help. then start to ease into it again. Make sure you're using correct posture on these exercises to prevent strain or injury. good luck!

  10. Oooh, I have old man knees (aka ANY lunging activity will kill them) so I can relate! Hope your knee feels better soon!!

  11. This is why i dont do exercise. Now i just need to find a man who doesnt care if i keep getting fatter...


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