Wednesday, 28 January 2009


After Monday night, I think I'm getting better at the old hospital radio show thing.

Remember how I'd went just before Christmas and had, quite frankly, SUCKED at it???

I think I know why the idea of speaking into a microphone and of a potential (unseen) audience terrified me so much before. Mainly because of the fact I don't really think before I speak.

I think this struck me when one of my friends was this* close to swearing on air. She said something was "shiiii" and stopped before she reached the "t". I thought how in everyday conversation I would so easily be chatting and just automatically swear. Having to think about what I say before I say it . . . it doesn't come naturally.

Like at a work lunch yesterday when people were speculating what kind of activities might be interesting at our department away-day in March, and without thinking about it first I blurted out "Mud-wrestling". (Yes, I got some funny looks. I'm sure there's worse things I could have said though. "Watching porn" springs to mind, for example . . .)

If I was REALLY a DJ, and got past the whole "Hi, I'm speaking into a microphone and people are listening to me, oh FUCK!" barrier, I think I would be the DJ who got into trouble in a major way. Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross would have NOTHING on me. I would be the one who would accidentally say something so utterly controversial that I wouldn't just be banned from the station, I'd be banned from the PLANET!

(This is why blogging is easier because - occasionally! - I THINK about what I'm typing before I type it. Actually TALKING? Not so easy for me . . .)

Anyway, it was an absolutely awesome show, and such a great laugh, although it was definitely one of those "you had to be there" sort of nights. We did an Aussie themed show in honour of National Australia Day (which was okay since there was an Aussie there) so there was songs by Australian artists and a (very hard!) Australia-themed quiz that we all had to participate in.

We followed the hour-long show with a trip to a nearby pub quiz and continued the Aussie Day tradition by calling our team "The Bogans". Apparently, a bogan is not a particularly good thing to be. The non-Australians of us (all but one) didn't quite realise this until after the quiz team name was officially out there. Still it could have been worse. At least we weren't called "Jizz on my Pants". Now, THAT is a bad name. (Although it did make me giggle everytime their score was called out. Not as much as "I Hate Coldplay, They Are Tossers" though!)

A couple of us left before the end once we established we weren't winning. Not because we are sore losers (honestly!); we were just tired and wanting food.

In fact, I wanted food so much, I virtually inhaled a pizza when I got home.

Yeah, THAT was a buzz . . .

Oooh, and on a random sidenote, can I say how much I LOVE this commercial???

*Imagine I'm holding two fingers really close together. (Isn't that a handy hint?)


  1. Hi PP, I'm glad u had a good time!
    btw, that add is awesome indeed! :D

  2. Really impressed you're doing the radio show- I've always heard hospital radio is the way to get the experience to get into producing etc. I could never put my voice on air!! Love the advert, thanks for sharing!

  3. I read this and found myself asking what a pub quiz is?

  4. mud wrestling is way worse than watching porn.

    i mean that's practically what it's made of!

  5. I hate how my voice sounds through a microphone. It's so... argh.

    Glad you had fun!

  6. ... what the hell is a "tosser"??

  7. Haha, my friend is kind of like this. She's so open about everything in life and she will shock the hell out of someone listening to her if they don't know her. She can be so blunt, so I don't think she'd be able to DJ either!

  8. " The Bogans " ? perfect Australian pub quiz name. But i have to admit , " I hate Coldplay, they are tossers " is waaaaaaay funnier!

    ooh, ooh.... did you get to eat any lamingtons?

  9. oooooh! Glad you had fun with the radio show this time around! I am one for not thinking before I speak.. not good although a common condition! x


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