Sunday, 4 January 2009


I had a whole post planned there, an expose, if you will. I've changed my mind now. If I put it out there, the fun is over. So it's going to remain on the shelf. For now, anyway. I'm enjoying myself with it way too much right now.

The only problem is, now I don't really have anything to talk about instead. I normally have plenty of ideas but right now, I'm not really full of the joys of blogging. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out? Any suggestions of stuff I can blog about? Any more questions that might provide me with some inspiration? Anything you have written about before yourself that you might like to see someone else's take on?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! (And I will TOTALLY give you credit for it, I promise!)


  1. Loads of people are doing interviews for other bloggers at the moment, have a look around and find someone you want to interview you who's done it?

  2. lol hmmm I dont know I guess it is a quiet sunday for a change!

    I have a new thing on my bloggy which you be interested in :o) see my latest post (Sat 3rd Jan)

    Lots of luck finding inspiration, I go thru lots of quiet phrases! x

  3. p.s i so love the song nicest thing by kate nash, tiz good to see it on your player x

  4. hmmmmm....well I am always fascinated by cultures...I dunno. Something typical Scottish, Glasgow? I feel I know too little about Scotland

  5. I agree with Chele.

    (And I am part Scottish and really should know more.)

  6. This expose did capture my interest a little, I must admit.
    I always like funny little stories from the past, like first kisses, when you found out there was no Santa Claus, etc.

  7. Yes! Scotland stuff! when I opened the "questions box" at my blog, Maxie suggested that I should blog about where I live, since I never talk about my country. I have to say I really enjoyed it, like, sharing the place where I live with you guys..sigh, makes things more real. So yes Polly, I go with the post about Glasgow :D

  8. I'm with the rest of the masses-

    I reside in lovely New Jersey so I would love to pretend I'm on vacation and live vicariously through your descriptions of Scotland.

    On a side note-

    I'm glad to hear it's a common thing to find yourself with no words...I've only posted twice and I'm already experiencing a day with no inspiration.

  9. I'm up with most others - something about where you live would be good. Or, i'd like to here about your last year of school - how much you liked it, hated it, miss it, want to go back, never want to go back.... you know, that kind of stuff.

  10. Something inspired from the age old rhyme 'sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me' - a little insite into something that happened way in the past maybe?

    Or something about your family, like your parents, aunt, family are always sharing stories about their past, and it would be great to hear about someone else's!

    Or an interview...that's quite a cool idea :o)

  11. Since people aren't as different as we'd like to think, you'll find that just blogging about things that interest you will often attract others.

    If you're really out of ideas, you could always do a continuous story - made up or real.

  12. thanks for the heads up with that background website! Its the best!


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